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How to remove glue on the top of cork floor?


(05:01:59) Visitor 96145565: Can anyone give me advice on how to remove glue from my cork floor.
(05:02:14) Cacork Floor : What type of glue….on which side of the cork?
(05:02:21) Visitor 96145565: Im restoring a building and someone laid carpet tiles and glue on top
(05:02:24) Visitor 96145565: the top
(05:02:37) Cacork Floor : How old do you think the glue is?
(05:02:48) Visitor 96145565: a couple decades im sure
(05:03:00) Cacork Floor : What have you attempted thus far
(05:03:29) Visitor 96145565: nothing so far, not sure where to start. The glue is pretty much seeped in
(05:03:44) Cacork Floor : “Seeped in” would be very rare for cork.
(05:03:53) Cacork Floor : It would imply the cork was completely bare of finish
(05:04:27) Visitor 96145565: oh really?
(05:04:30) Cacork Floor : The first trick is always plenty of water – as hot as you can handle it and then scrape it off the finish.
(05:04:42) Cacork Floor : A finished cork floor = same as a finished hardwood = same stuff used.
(05:04:47) Visitor 96145565: okay sounds good we will try that
(05:05:01) Visitor 96145565: do you know of any companies that restores cork?
(05:05:12) Cacork Floor : Once 90%-99% of the glue is gone…you can then have the cork sanded and refinished.
(05:05:20) Cacork Floor : I do….in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
(05:05:27) Visitor 96145565: michigan?
(05:05:28) Visitor 96145565: lol
(05:05:47) Cacork Floor : Sorry – no.
(05:06:01) Visitor 96145565: oaky thank you for your help
(05:06:15) Cacork Floor : How thick is the cork?
(05:07:03) Visitor 96145565: not sure. I think it was laid when the building was build 1927
(05:09:36) Cacork Floor : The first thing you want to know is the THICKNESS.
(05:10:04) Cacork Floor : If the cork is too thin…you won’t be able to sand/refinish = no use trying to remove the glue because the fight to get the floor in shape won’t work.
(05:14:34) Visitor 96145565: how thick does it need to be to refinish?
(05:14:49) Visitor 96145565: or to be worth refinishing?
(05:14:56) Cacork Floor : 4mm or thicker…a 3.2mm “1/8” is too thin
(05:15:15) Cacork Floor : You’ll need to get out your metric tape measure and see how thick it is.
(05:16:45) Cacork Floor : If the floor is original to the house…and for 1920’s it is VERY possible it is…it is worth a HUGE amount of money as a restored “original cork”.
(05:18:46) Cacork Floor : Is there anything else I can help with?
(05:21:05) Cacork Floor : Good bye