Is cork flooring suitable for a hot yoga room?

(10:54:36) Visitor 84611895: hello, is cork flooring suitable for a hot yoga room?
(10:55:05) Cancork Floor : Sometimes…it depends on the setting, the material and the installer.
(10:55:10) Cancork Floor : And how “hot” is hot?
(10:55:30) Visitor 84611895: 100f
(10:55:37) Visitor 84611895: 50 % humidity
(10:55:42) Cancork Floor : Cork itself doesn’t care…but the ADHESIVES and the FIBRE BOARD care a WHOLE BUNCH!!!!!
(10:56:18) Cancork Floor : A floating cork floor in a traditional yoga studio (no heat, no humidity) will receive 2 coat of polyurethane at time of install (to be done by the installer) and that makes the floating floor water resistant. It won’t care (too much) about ‘mopping’. Of course “mopping” will be limited to slightly damp mop with the appropriate cleaners applied (can be dealt with at the level of the owner of the flooring = proper cleaning procedures found on our website).
(10:56:29) Cancork Floor : We will recommend installing the glue-down cork tiles in a hot yoga studio, but not the floating flooring. Many yoga studio owners have turned to the glue down cork tile format (with glue and polyurethane needed for the job). We have recently had an 8mm cork glue down tile installed in a Moksha yoga studio in Squamish BC.
(10:57:03) Cancork Floor : The 100F = 37 – 38 C.
(10:57:09) Visitor 84611895: yes
(10:57:33) Cancork Floor : This is well outside the ‘happy’ range for most adhesives. You would have to work with the super expensive stuff with a glue down tile + the expensive installer.
(10:57:42) Cancork Floor : How big is the space?
(10:57:54) Visitor 84611895: 800 sq feet
(10:58:16) Cancork Floor : Do you own the space? Or are you renting? How long do you feel the hot yoga will be a fad?
(10:59:12) Visitor 84611895: this space will go for 10 years before we relocate to a larger studio
(10:59:32) Cancork Floor : Do you feel the “hot” yoga trend will continue for the full 10 years?
(10:59:37) Visitor 84611895: yes.
(10:59:45) Visitor 84611895: its been going strong already for 10.
(10:59:50) Cancork Floor : And you own the space?
(10:59:54) Visitor 84611895: yes
(11:00:07) Cancork Floor : OK…then you would benefit from the high-end install.
(11:00:13) Cancork Floor : What produces the heat??
(11:00:34) Visitor 84611895: inferred panels
(11:00:41) Cancork Floor : On the walls/ceiling?
(11:00:48) Visitor 84611895: ceiling
(11:00:54) Cancork Floor : What’s on the floor right now?
(11:01:07) Visitor 84611895: 10 inch concrete slab
(11:01:08) Visitor 84611895: new
(11:01:13) Cancork Floor : How new is new?
(11:01:23) Visitor 84611895: 2 months
(11:02:12) Cancork Floor : It might take another 1-2 months before you can glue to the slab….but after that, it is possible to go ahead with a solid cork tile (6mm or 8mm) glued in place using the high end adhesive.
(11:02:32) Cancork Floor : The floor is then finished with 2 coats of polyurethane = ready for use 5 days later.
(11:02:53) Cancork Floor : Is the concrete slab “at grade”, “below grade” or “above grade”?
(11:03:05) Visitor 84611895: above. mezzanine lever
(11:03:20) Cancork Floor : Excellent.
(11:04:19) Visitor 84611895: ok great. do you have anyone that can install in Alberta?
(11:04:30) Cancork Floor : – not to that level.
(11:04:48) Cancork Floor : The only person I know of who can handle that type of install = Winnipeg cork installer.
(11:05:03) Cancork Floor : He’ll use the correct adhesive….he’s done several.
(11:05:11) Visitor 84611895: how about quick tanning on it? I am journey man stone mason.
(11:05:25) Cancork Floor : ?Quick tanning?
(11:06:02) Visitor 84611895: iv been doing natural stone and tie for 25 years. I need to be shown once. then I can do it.
(11:06:35) Cancork Floor : He could not handle this install – even though he was taught by German Meisters
(11:07:06) Cancork Floor : This is a contact cement application using a high-end water based roll on adhesive with ALL the “cement” testing required for a “new” slab = ouch.
(11:07:16) *** Visitor 84611895 has rated the chat Good ***
(11:08:25) Cancork Floor : The adhesive I’m thinking of = 3M 30NF Green Fastbond adhesive
(11:08:35) Cancork Floor : It is roughly $180 per gallon
(11:08:42) Cancork Floor : lays roughly 170sf per gallon
(11:09:19) Cancork Floor : It has a better “temperature” range than the adhesive I sell. And at 2.5 TIMES more expensive, there are few who will work with it…because of the cost.
(11:09:44) Cancork Floor : Please visit the Canadian website:
(11:11:07) Cancork Floor : The thicker the cork, the LESS LIKELY the heat will reach the adhesive. This is the most vulnerable part of the system…too much heat and the adhesives will release = big mucky mess
(11:12:13) Visitor 84611895: this is very helpful thank you
(11:12:38) Cancork Floor : No problem. Remember to work with the Canadian website when ordering your free samples.
(11:13:12) Visitor 84611895: I wasn’t aware. I will. thanks
(11:13:18) Cancork Floor : No problem.

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