What do I need for a basement install? How much will cork fade?


(09:24:06) Visitor 70961544: Hi, I’m looking at buying 1000sq ft of floating cork flooring for my basement. What do I need for a basement install and how much would it cost? I have picked out a Torly’s product, but wanted to compare your product.
(09:26:14) Cancork Floor : A vapour barrier is needed over concrete.
(09:26:23) Cancork Floor : This is the same as Torlys.
(09:27:17) Cancork Floor : Our product runs around 50% cheaper than Torlys
(09:27:34) Visitor 70961544: Do I need a cork underlay as well that I saw on your website?
(09:28:08) Cancork Floor : Sure…3mm or 6mm???
(09:28:30) Cancork Floor : Which floor are you interested in from Torlys?
(09:29:26) Cancork Floor : I’ll see if I can find a “match” in my warehouse.
(09:29:45) Visitor 70961544: I have a sample of the Classic Premier line in Traditions Malibu or burl latte.
(09:30:01) Cancork Floor : I’ll see if I have a match.
(09:30:10) Cancork Floor : Do you have a set of free samples from us?
(09:30:55) Visitor 70961544: No I don’t.
(09:31:25) Visitor 70961544: How much will cork fade?
(09:31:26) Cancork Floor : OK..I’ve found the Traditions Malibu = our 12mm Autumn Leaves (sells for $3.59/sf)
(09:32:51) Cancork Floor : I’m having a hard time finding a photo of Burl Latte
(09:33:04) Cancork Floor : Cork = fading. It is what it does.
(09:33:15) Cancork Floor : It is to be expected, anticipated and if you can, loved.
(09:34:14) Cancork Floor : Found the burl latte.
(09:34:28) Cancork Floor : It would be something between the 12mm Creme Royale Marble
(09:34:42) Cancork Floor : And a product we have on order = Ceramic Marble.
(09:34:47) Cancork Floor : We have samples of both to send out.
(09:35:03) Cancork Floor : To be honest, the “whites” have the LEAST AMOUNT of colour change.
(09:35:20) Visitor 70961544: I don’t mind a fade at all…I just may decide on a darker colour if I can anticipate how much lighter it gets. I have pictures of my samples if I can text/email them to you.
(09:35:33) Cancork Floor : I have found them….
(09:35:44) Cancork Floor : Did you see the response above?
(09:36:04) Cancork Floor : Traditions Malibu = 12mm Autumn Leaves
(09:36:39) Cancork Floor : Burl Latte is close to 12mm Creme Royale Marble and Ceramic Marble.
(09:36:49) Cancork Floor : The closest colour = 12mm Bleached Birch.
(09:37:03) Cancork Floor : In a basement, the amount of change should be minimal.
(09:37:52) Cancork Floor : And while we are on the subject of pricing and comparison, the floors you are looking at are 10mm thick. Our versions are 12mm thick.
(09:38:44) Visitor 70961544: Ok I’ll check it out. So to be clear do I need the cork underlay as well as a poly? What’s the difference in using both?
(09:39:10) Cancork Floor : Cork underlay is not *needed but it certainly a nice way to heat up a cold basement.
(09:41:04) Cancork Floor : The thinner floors, like Torlys would do very well with cork underlay
(09:41:21) Visitor 70961544: Ok thanks. Would you mind sending some samples of the colours you suggested please? Unless there’s somewhere in Saskatoon I can go see them myself.
(09:41:21) Cancork Floor : The poly sheeting is the vapour barrier and is a requirement whether you use cork underlay or not.
(09:41:34) Cancork Floor : Sure…please send an email asking for some samples
(09:42:03) Cancork Floor : Have you had a chance to view them?
(09:43:17) Visitor 70961544: Not yet 🙂
(09:48:02) Cancork Floor : Go ahead and have fun.
(09:48:20) Cancork Floor : Send an email once you have finished browsing or go ahead and order them directly from on-line.
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