what is the IIC and STC ratings of Forna 6mm, 12mm cork underlay?


(06:25:10) Visitor 66090347: Hi, what is the IIC and STC ratings of your 6mm, 12mm cork underlay?
(06:25:20) *** Cancork Floor joined the chat ***
(06:25:31) Cancork Floor : Have Delta IIC ratings = much better
(06:26:10) Cancork Floor : The STC/IIC ratings are outdated and easily manipulated.
(06:26:34) Cancork Floor : The Delta IIC ratings are highly scrutinized and the “Gold Standard” for today’s building industry.
(06:27:00) Visitor 66090347: Ok thanks. What is the Delta IIC for these products?
(06:27:15) Cancork Floor : What type of floor is going over top?
(06:27:20) Visitor 66090347: laminate
(06:27:41) Cancork Floor : 12mm underneath 8mm Pergo (laminate) = 22 dB
(06:27:58) Cancork Floor : 6mm cork underlay underneath CORK floating floor = 20 dB
(06:28:07) Cancork Floor : 6mm cork underneath laminate = 11 dB or so
(06:28:59) Cancork Floor : The STC/IIC ratings are NOT convertible to Delta IIC.
(06:29:12) Cancork Floor : You cannot compare an STC of “72” to Delta IIC of 22.
(06:29:25) Cancork Floor : There are completely different tests with different outcomes.
(06:29:36) Cancork Floor : Are you looking to install in a Condo?
(06:31:58) Visitor 66090347: Yes. My condo requires cork underlay of IIC 71 STC 70. I can’t seem to find anything that meets this requirement. 🙁
(06:32:35) Cancork Floor : Those numbers are as outdated as Harvest Gold appliances
(06:32:44) Visitor 66090347: LOL
(06:32:46) Cancork Floor : How many stories to the building
(06:33:38) Visitor 66090347: 4
(06:33:45) Cancork Floor : wooden lowrise???
(06:33:49) Visitor 66090347: yes
(06:34:00) Cancork Floor : Sigh…this is why the numbers are sooooo out of date.
(06:34:18) Cancork Floor : The condo board is as old as the building = completely out to lunch on these numbers
(06:34:27) Visitor 66090347: LOL :)))
(06:34:39) Cancork Floor : Only a LUXURY highrise with 12 INCH concrete slabs can achieve “STC 72”
(06:34:56) Cancork Floor : If you don’t have the 12 INCH concrete you CANNOT achieve “72”
(06:35:01) Cancork Floor : It is a physical impossibility.
(06:35:26) Cancork Floor : Which a lawyer would eat this ordnance for breakfast…
(06:35:45) Cancork Floor : To get this, you would have to undergo “severe personal or financial hardship”
(06:36:10) Visitor 66090347: Sigh! I wish the council members have more knowledge about what they’re asking for…
(06:36:31) Visitor 66090347: yes totally agreed!
(06:37:32) Cancork Floor : You are welcome to show them the evidence…but that means becoming an acoustics detective and learning everything there is to know.
(06:37:56) Visitor 66090347: I’m too old to learn 🙁
(06:38:36) Visitor 66090347: Thank you Stephanie! I wish you were on the council board!
(06:39:21) Cancork Floor : Ok…You can point out that the 6mm is accepted by 90% of condos in Vancouver/Toronto, etc.
(06:39:43) Cancork Floor : Then you point out that the other 10% accept 12mm…but those condos are $1.6 MILLION or MORE!!!
(06:39:59) Visitor 66090347: Holy smokes!
(06:40:32) Visitor 66090347: I really appreciate your help, Stephanie! Thank you thank you!
(06:41:06) Cancork Floor : no problem…those are your biggest arguements = money.
(06:41:29) Visitor 66090347: yes precisely
(06:42:08) Cancork Floor : So long as you are UNDER the “luxury” condo market value, you have every right to ask them to update their mandate to state “6mm cork underlay or equivalent”
(06:42:11) Cancork Floor : It is simple as that.
(06:44:05) *** Visitor 66090347 has rated the chat Good ***
(06:44:41) Visitor 66090347: Super helpful and knowledgeable!
(06:44:59) Cancork Floor : Good luck. This is a battle I’ve helped win many, many times.