Cork Wall Tile 5mm – Orgclay 21.31 SF Per Package (CAD4.99)


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Cork Wall Tile – Orgclay 21.31 Sq.ft per package

Colour Palette: taupe in the following shades: light golds and platinums running towards earthy fawn or mushroom

Appearance: Designed to mimic “Field Stones”; random pattern; does well around fireplaces and for “stone work” appearance; does well in medium to large design areas

“Orgclay’s” random beauty is best appreciated at a distance. It does well as a striking addition for recessed TVs, fireplace surrounds or as a stand-a-lone decorative wall theme bringing the look of river stones into your home by applying “Orgclay” under windows or around patio doors. “Orgclay” looks best against deeper coloured walls. Think “Forest Green”, “Burgundy”, or “Midnight Blue” when designing your space with “Orgclay”. The deeper coloured paints will allow “Orgclay’s” subtle sheen to come to the fore.

Orgclay Cork Wall Tile (21.31sf/package) is a magnificent, light coloured textured cork wall tile.  Light golds, platinums and earthy beiges make this a handsome addition to any room. The thickness of the Orgclay tiles makes this a functional decor tile that can do double and triple duty.  Not only is it beautiful, Orgclay’s 5mm thickness makes it ideal for use as both an acoustic and thermal barrier.  These extra benefits make Orgclay a favourite wall presentation in basement games rooms or home theatre spaces.  When both acoustic insulation and thermal insulation are greatly needed, cork wall tiles – such as Orgclay cork wall tile and Orgbrick – come into their own.

Because they pack a triple punch, cork wall tiles can be viewed as a money saving product.  Because the cork tiles can act as thermal and acoustic insulation, you don’t have to worry about adding expensive acoustic drywall, or expensive insulation.  Normal drywall + cork tiles will offer all the insulation you need.  Nothing more needs to be done to insulate or isolate your home theatre or games room.


Description: Natural cork wall tile
Dimension: 600mm x 300mm (23 5/8” x 11 5/16”)
Thinkness: 5mm
Finishing : Varnished or Waxed
Density: Between 270 to 330 kgs/m3 (depending on the type)
Composition: Solid type
–Granulated cork with polyurethane binder
      Veneer type

  1. Agglomerated or natural cork veneer
  2. Agglomerated or natural cork backing sheet
  3. Solvent-free PVA glue.

Properties: Extremely wear resistant, comfortable and have excellent thermal and acoustic
insulating properties.
Safety: It is formaldehyde-free and only compound added to agglomerated cork is a
polyurethane binder (about 7%), this specially purposed binder is develop with food
grade products and is formaldehyde-free.
Tests made on this cork wall tiles show that concentration of compounds does not
entail a health-related (toxicological) assessment.
Fire behavior:
Cork wall tiles burn slowly and don’t present any special risk and are not explosion
hazard product. Sanding, sawing or machining can result in the generation of cork
dust that can present a strong explosion hazard if a dust cloud contacts an ignition
source. sprayed water, carbon dioxide, chemical powder and foam can be used as
extinguishing media. Fire finghting procedures recommend the use of protective
clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Storage: It is recommendable that air humidity of the warehouse be kept under 60%.
Ecololgical and disposal information:
If correctly used, no environmentally harmful effects are to be expected.
Disposal according to local legistation. If possible, recycle the product, it may be
Other information:
The above information represents our best present knowledge and is given in good
faith but without warranty. It remains the users responsibility to make sure that the
information is appropriate and complete for his special use of the product.


Weight 37
Dimensions 24 x 12 x 7 in


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