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Cork Wall Tiles 8mm

Forna 8mm glue-down tiles - excellent soundproofing, excellent support

After a long day’s work are you hankering for a home experience where the floors are feet friendly and the house itself more of an oasis of relaxation? We can help. Come take a look at our Forna cork flooring products. Where you don’t have to skimp on quality to get some quantity. Our 8mm cork glue-down tile flooring is the floor and walling that will give you the best when it comes to comfort and quiet. Thick enough to provide quantifiable levels of insulation against sound and thermal properties, our 8mm tiles also are of a thickness that will do comfort and joy for sore feet and joints. Available in a rich bounty of colors and designs you’ll find yourself impressed.

Cork comes by its benefits naturally. The cork oak species, found in an abundance in the Mediterrainian Region, over its existence evolved natural properties to protect itself. These properties translate to some great benefits as a product in your home. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Cork is 100% sustainable and biodegradable, which makes it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious. By this we mean that no cork oak tree is cut down to provide the source material. Only the outer bark, which it sheds naturally, is harvested. One single cork oak will live two human life expectancies. Or, think of it this way. A human has a life expectancy of 75-80 years. A cork oak has a life expectancy of 150-200 years. So long after a human has passed on that same cork oak is still providing its harvest for bark. 100% sustainable natural resource. And as cork is a wood species, it is 100% biodegradable.


  1. The very genetic cellular structure of cork is where its abilities to provide thermal and sound insulation is found. Cork is set up similar to a honeycomb. These minute cells have trapped air within them. Thus, this temperature-insulating material obstructs heat or cold from passing through the floor or wall, an extremely admirable function come summer and winter. Furthermore, Cork flooring maintains a relative temperature of 70 degrees all year round, so bare feet will never be too cold or too hot. Cork will also effectively lower invasive noise, whether generated from outside or another room, as a mere 3mm of cork can mute sound by 10 decibels.


  1. That same cell structure gives cork the ability to compress under pressure. Like memory foam, weight will cause cork to compress, and like memory foam, cork in such a state will provide a certain amount of support to the object on it. So, if you are standing or sitting on a cork floor, you will feel a ‘give’ to it that eases your body instead of the repelling hard surfaces of hardwoods and stone.


  1. Cork is a naturally water-resistant material due to a waxy substance called suberin found in its genetic makeup. Suberin also gives cork anti-microbial properties, allowing it to resist the growth of mold and mildew. So, when properly installed in a bath or kitchen, you’ll reap some first-rate benefits.

Our 8mm cork glue down tiles comes in 5/16in x 12in x 24in—dimensional planks. Due to its square-edged design, this style of flooring will install seamlessly, so the floor will appear as one large finished unit. No separate underlayment is required. Our 5/16 inch thick planks are 100% agglomerated cork that are low-density sound absorbing. The top veneer finished layer employs the pattern or cut, while the cork layer provides all of natural corks outstanding benefits. For best results follow manufacturer or distributor recommendations and instructions. Forna glue-down tiles should be installed on a subfloor that is clean and level, or only on ‘At or above grade’ concrete floors.

Packaged at 9 tiles/planks per package, each carton ordered holds a total of 3 packages, that’s 28 planks to cover a total of 54 square feet.

Forna’s 8mm glue-done flooring line rates as one of the best sound and thermal insulators for its pricing. 3mm to 12mm can mute sound by 10-20 decibels, with the 8mm thickness, you get a floor that is thick enough to get the comfort your looking for and the functionality you want. In fact, this is the line we recommend for bathrooms and kitchens.

Cork is considered one of the few “green” materials on the market. It’s also extremely durable; and when properly maintained, cork flooring is capable of lasting for generations. So with qualities such as these backing cork up, take one of our floors on, you will find that it adds some wonderful features to make your home more than just a place to live, but also to enjoy and relax.