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10mm Floating Cork Flooring

constructure floating cork flooring 10mm forna
constructure floating cork flooring 10mm forna

Are you are looking for a healthier alternative to carpeting? How about a softer, warmer walking surface when compared to ceramic or other hardwoods? If you have answered yes to either question, then cork is for you.

Welcome to our 10mm cork flooring line. Made in Portugal, our cork flooring is derived only from the bark of the cork oak tree. Waste cork, or the remnants left from the production of cork stoppers is what is actually used to make our cork flooring. These granules are bonded using water-based adhesives and placed under high pressure before being formed into sheets. Bringing you a quality floor is our intention, one that not only does the job you wish of it but with grace and beauty unmatched in previous decades by its predecessors. Take a moment to learn some basics of our flooring products. Our 10mm cork floors meets European standards with flying colors and is a product that proudly carries a ‘green’ certificate.

Made to work with in-floor radiant heating systems, you will find that our 10mm cork flooring allows for easier heat transference so you get a beautiful functional floor that puts out wonderful radiating heat. Our 10mm plank flooring is available as a floating cork floor, finished in a square-edged design. That means this style of floor will install with a seamless finish, allowing your floor to appear as one large uniformed piece. We employ the Uniclic flooring system, a patented tongue and grove application, thus our planks will click together easily. With this installation type you will not need to worry about adhesives. Even better, no separate underlayment is required as our planks come with an integrated low-density sound absorbing cork underlayment. As with most floating floors, you can lay this cork floor directly over your old floor with minimal preparation. Each plank is 11.81”/300mm by 35.43”/900mm in size and are fully interlockable.

With our 10mm floating cork planks you get a total of 10mm (3/8 of an inch) of quality construction. Broken down what you get is 4mm of cork, a 3mm top layer with a finished veneer + 1mm integrated underlay. This accords you all the provisions found in natural cork, such as a cleaner hypo-allergenic material, completed with a 6mm E1 Class High Density Fiberboard center. Translation; a solid high performance instrument that can get the job done. This also makes our 10mm flooring an A+ grade sound and thermal insulator. 3mm to 12mm of solid cork sheeting can mute sound by 10-20 decibels, include impact sound reduction by 19dB and you have a floor that by its very existence will give you a bit of peace and quiet. Just imagine, an oasis in your own home. Our 10mm flooring also comes prefinished with 3 coats of water-based polyurethane. Packaged at 7 planks per carton, each box can cover 20.35 square feet of floor space.

Let our 10mm cork floor bring to you a gorgeous floor coupled with superior comfort. Check out our design patterns and shop with confidence.