Silver Pine – 13/32″ (10.5mm) – Fusion Cork Floating (FSP10.5)

$125.19 $92.63 / box (Save: $32.56)
One box covers up to 16.28 sq. ft.

$5.69 sq. ft.

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Due to a shortage of veneer, our company has discontinued the production of the Fushion cork flooring line, which is a premium product. We currently have only 52 boxes available plus 2 undamaged planks and 7 damaged planks of Silver Pine, which were damaged by a forklift but can still be used for installation. If you purchase all 52 boxes, we will include these 9 planks for free. Please make sure to include a note in your order requesting these free planks for our shipping department.

Only 52 left in stock

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Add 10% for cuts and replacements (recommended)