Wood Floor Finishes – Loba 2K Supra AT GAL


Wood Floor Finishes Water Based Polyurethane – Loba 2K Supra AT GAL

A “Winterizing Package” surcharge of $10 per gallon will apply to when ordering Loba 2K or Wakol D3540 during cold months because the Wakol D3540 Cork Adhesive and the Loba Polyurethane are temperature sensitive and will become defective if exposed to temperatures below 5 Celsius (40F). Separate shipping may be required (and separate shipping costs apply) for the eastern Provinces. Transit times requiring more than 5 days could be subject to separate shipping for the Loba-Wakol products.

Flat Rate Shipping does NOT include “Protect From Freezing” charges. For our customers who wish to purchase either our Loba Supra Satin Polyurethane or our Wakol D3540 Cork Adhesive, we will require a small fee of $25 on top of regular or “Flat Rate Shipping” fees. Our liquid products are temperature sensitive. The shipping companies require an extra fee to ensure our products are protected from the cold.

Technical Information LOBADUR 2K Supra A.T
Safety data sheet Supra A.T. satin Hardener

Loba Supra AT – Advance Technology: Reviews from Clients

Ceramic-reinforced, waterborne, 2-component polyurethane finish with exceptional high scratch resistance, high elasticity and excellent chemical resistance

Loba At wood floor finishes Recommended use:

For high traffic in commercial areas.
Suitable for wood and cork floors, PVC, LVT and VCT floorings. Can be used to recoat factory finished UV cured wood and cork floors in conjunction with WS 2K Contact.

  • Waterborne polyurethane formula for extreme wear resistance
  • Exceptional scratch resistance
  • Excellent build through high solid content
  • Non yellowing
  • Easy to use, no foaming or lap marks

Made in Germany


500-600 square feet per gallon


Supra AT wood floor finishes water based polyurethane is fundamentally different from any other 2K finish on the market. It is also very different from our regular Supra. More than the name let you to believe.

Supra AT water based polyurethane wood floor finishes is a different polymer type which was necessary to develop in order to embed the ceramic particles permanently and prevent them from settling to the bottom.

The polymer (the body) itself has exceptional durability, chemical resistance and slip resistance. The ceramic particles are covered with a special nano coating. This combination results in a finish which is not only very durable but also very elastic (for cork without breaking the film) and the ceramic technology adds the scratch resistance.
It is the best finish you can get on the market today. And we do benchmark pretty much all finishes once a year.

A very important aspect is also that it dries very quickly. That means for example the finish is “cured” to a durability already after 24 hrs where other finishes are not after 5 days.

***Liquids such as Adhesive and Polyurethane are NON-REFUNDABLE PURCHASES. NO credit will be given for liquids returned to us.


Weight 10
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 9 in


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