About Cancork Floor

Company Highlights

Why Cancork? You deserve the best quality for your home. That’s why Cancork is here to provide you with top-quality cork flooring, wall tiles and underlay that will make any room look amazing! We are a factory-direct distributor of some of the world’s finest products. There are no middlemen involved when ordering through us because we handle everything ourselves. Once ordered, your order reaches a warehouse where it ships directly to you – skipping those long wait times or being charged more than necessary on delivery fees just by buying elsewhere! Cancork provides cork flooring with European technology and has received multiple health and safety certificates in Europe (CE, SGS, CARB) and America (ECO Institute). We get our products from manufacturers right in Portugal to offer them at unbeatable prices to all of our customers.

The Cancork warehouse is an incredible place with over 600,000 sq. ft. of unique products! We carry various products to meet your needs and the newest styles, so you know what’s trending in the world today. When purchasing from us, we ensure that all prices are competitive.

Who are we? At the Cancork, you can find quality floors, wall tiles and accessories. We carry a large variety of styles to accommodate any home decor needs! Ordering samples is easy– we send them within two business days after your order so that you don’t have to worry about anything else before deciding which style will be best for your space. Our office is in Great Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) which makes it even easier by allowing you to ask questions via phone or email on larger projects like kitchen renovations with our experts as soon as they arise – no need for scheduling an appointment beforehand!

Need help with your next project? Do you have a project that needs input? Do you want to see what your cork flooring would look like in person before committing? Our samples are true-to-life samples cut from actual flooring or wall tile planks and wrapped up for delivery. They’re the next best thing to seeing it in-person at our Store Location! We know our products. We will not let you make a wrong decision when it comes to your flooring needs – we have seen and helped countless people for years, so don’t take the risk of doing something on your own that could be better with assistance from us!

About our products

Cork Product Highlights

Why our cork products? Cork is a sustainable green material that reduces the carbon footprint. Our products are formaldehyde-free, which means they exceed the European Indoor Air Quality recommendations for “off-gassing”. Our floors and wall tiles also have a five-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that we will be there with our assistance if anything ever goes wrong.

The flooring industry is constantly evolving to meet new standards and expectations! At Cancork, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide quality cork materials using only safe material options that protect your health as well as indoor air quality (view: ECO Institute certificate). Our commitment extends even into durability; these surfaces offer some of the hardest-wearing properties on any type of commercial surface available today. We guarantee our floors from Forna are of the highest standard. So much so we guarantee our residential floors to be free of manufacturer’s defects for 25 years.

Want to learn more? We love to talk about flooring and wall tiles as well as cork products in general. Few retailers know as well as we do about these products, and it has a unique look and feel! Our sales staff is here to answer any question you might have on our flooring products or anything else related to the industry at large; give us a call Monday through Friday from 9 am- 5 pm PT (Pacific Time).