Low VOC Florna Cork Flooring that has passed multiple testing procedures. Our water-based polyurethane finish keeps your home free from chemicals while ensuring long lasting floors.


We are a Canadian company situated in Richmond BC (suburb of Vancouver BC). We have 99% of our cork flooring is well stocked which means delivery time is the time it takes a truck to drive from Vancouver – all over Canada.  This is normally 3-9 business days. Before you place your cork flooring order, we will provide a quote to you.  We’ve priced the shipping costs.  No order too big nor too small for Cancork Floor! We sell and ship orders over 10000 square feet! We parcel and ship orders as small as 21 square feet! We can handle anything in between!


We offer free cork flooring samples to all of our clients.  We get very nervous when people ask for quotes without having seen the cork flooring product in person.  Please let me know if you wish to receive your free set of cork flooring samples.  If so, please choose 5-6 colours of cork flooring samples so that we can send a neat little package your way.  If you have colours that you are looking to work with or a design that you are wishing to achieve, you are more than welcome to let me know what you are trying to do and I can help with a colour consultation.


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