Best Basement flooring  – The Warmest Basement Floor Covering is Cork

A cork floating floor is an excellent insulating product for cold basements. It is the best flooring for basement. Add in a cost effective 6mm cork underlayment and you will have built an “insulated” floor. By using 6mm cork underlay underneath a cork floating floor, you will have close to the same insulating value as 1 inch of solid Styrofoam at a fraction of the cost.

basement design with cork flooring
basement design with cork flooring

Canadian’s in cold climates have depended on Forna 6mm cork underlay as their floor’s thermal insulation for almost a decade. Some clients have reported that their “cold” basement (never reached more than 15 Celsius or 59 F) now boasts a regular temperature of 22 Celsius (72 F) during even the coldest winter weather. Just by adding 6mm cork + 11mm cork floating floor they have managed to increase the temperature in the basement. They are saving on heating costs as the home is now noticeably warmer, and quieter; a benefit the owners never knew was an option.

For a mere $0.95/sf you can add cork 6mm underlay to most floating floor installations. The 6mm cork offers better thermal insulation than the leading ‘dry core’ subfloor assembly at a fraction of the cost.


The 6mm (the second thickest we carry below the 12 mm) together with our cork floating floor offers the same insulating value as 1 inch Styrofoam insulation. For $0.95/sf, the 6mm underlay is worth a tremendous amount when it comes to insulating a home in a cold climate. This is the thickness that my clients in N. Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Montreal use in their basements to insulate against the cold. Everyone of these clients have come back and said how much of a difference the cork floor + 6mm underlay has meant to their basements AND their homes in general. Most people say their basement is now the warmest room in the house! My client in N. Saskatchewan says she as to turn down the furnace every time she wants to watch TV in the cork-fill basement. Something neither she nor I thought was a possibility. She has, by the way, only 1 forced air heating vent for her 1200sf basement. Even I was shocked at how effective this product was for her home (and I’m supposed to be the expert)!