Best bathroom flooring - forna cork tiles

Have you grown tired of walking barefoot on a cold and slippery floor in your bathroom? Thinking about putting in a new floor or renovating said bathroom? Have you looked around at some of the available materials and just feel overwhelmed? Or how about underwhelmed? Ceramic works great but feels cold and harsh. Whereas other materials leave you with worries about toxic or even dangerous levels of plastics and xenoestrogens. Vinyl being a perfect example. So where does that leave you? With Cork.


Look no further than our Forna Cork flooring lines for your bathroom flooring. Now it is true that floating cork floors cannot go in a bathroom or high humidity area, but that does not hold true for glue down cork tiles? What’s the difference? It’s the high density fiberboard found in the floating floor style. That wood-material is not waterproof, nor can it be made waterproof. So, a floating cork floor in the bathroom will be sure to fail. However, 100% cork glue down tiles can be sealed with 2 coats of water-based polyurethane and made 100% waterproof. Thus, with the proper installation and care, a Forna glue down cork floor will actually perform so much better than you think it can.


In bathrooms the most prevalent issue is water, or humidity. Install the wrong material an it will quickly ruin the flooring. So, hardwoods are often ignored in favor of ceramic or stone-based tiles. And the alternative is some type of plastic-based flooring. But that does not need to be bathroom flooring limitations. There is another flooring material that with a little ingenuity can go into a bathroom and perform with excellence. Our cork glue down tiles are perfect for the bathroom when installed and sealed properly to make them 100% waterproof.

creme royal marble forna cork flooring bathroom interior gorgeous large vanity cabinet with black granite counter top
creme royal marble forna cork flooring bathroom interior gorgeous large vanity cabinet with black granite counter top


Anti-slippery and durable:

Most homeowners choose porcelain, ceramic tile, or stone for bathroom flooring, as these are the naturally waterproof materials, but the compromise is a cold, hard and often slippery surface. Cork however will give you a warm and comfortable contact surface that is non-slippery, so even with droplets scattered across it, you won’t do the slip and slide. Cork’s cellular structure is made up of millions upon millions of minute air pockets, these tightly packed cells help insulate, keeping the bathroom floor warm to the touch. That same cell structure allows for a little give underfoot making it comfortable to walk on; cozy and soft enough underfoot to be relaxing, a happy state for your joints, back and feet.


Adhesive Cork Floors have been shown to survive more than 50 years or more without having to be replaced.  That’s longer than most people will own their own homes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a floor that will outlast anything you can throw at it and still look as beautiful as the first day it was laid?

gray bamboo cork tiles -modern loft bathroom with-luxury
gray bamboo cork tiles -modern loft bathroom with-luxury


Natural and sustainable:

Cork is naturally hypo-allergenic, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers, especially those who have to contend with mold and mildew. With Forna glue down cork flooring you’ll get a cleaner bathroom environment and live healthier. Cork flooring is also one of the most eco friendly products on the market. Each tree can outlive a human being by generations. And as only the bark is harvested that is a reality. Production and manufacturing of Forna cork flooring is also an eco-friendly process that is done to ensure we retain our ‘green’ certification. The bark is skillfully harvested to prevent harm to the tree, so no cork trees are cut down. As no clear cutting is involved and each tree is only replaced once it has stopped producing, we are presented with a sustainable natural resource.

Our Forna cork flooring goes through very little processing to make tiles, flooring and wall tiles. All additives are chosen for their ‘green’ abilities too, so when you buy our cork for your home, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Thermal and acoustic insulation:

The honey-comb structure of cork gives it the ability to insulate against thermal and acoustic transfer. Therefore, a Forna cork glue down floor will be able to hinder extreme room temperature changes, allowing for ambient temperatures to hold for longer periods. In a similar fashion, sound waves find it hard to penetrate a cork barrier. Noise can be reduced up to 10 decibels per every 8mm or 5/16inch. Toilets and drains are shushed.

silver birch cork floor interior luxurious bathroom attic
silver birch cork floor interior luxurious bathroom attic


Warm and comfortable:

Step out of your bath onto a warm Forna Cork floor. Cork not only has a softer surface when compared to stone/ceramic tiles and hardwoods, but it is naturally warm. Go barefoot on cork and feel the difference. Your bathroom floor no longer needs wall to wall carpeting to be comfortable. Like ceramics, all it needs is a small rug in front of the tub or shower to pick up a bit of splash.



Forna Cork flooring is a plastics and xenoestrogens free product. Because cork is nature made wood-based material, there are no toxic emissions from it. It is among the best materials to use for good indoor air quality.


Want the best in a healthy flooring material, then go with cork. The manufacturing process does not include harsh chemicals and is low in formaldehyde. The Formaldehyde Emission Standard is set at less than 0.5 mg/L, while Forna cork products Formaldehyde Emission are rated at less than 0.1mg/L. There is less Formaldehyde in our products than Formaldehyde found in an apple or a bottle of beer. Many consumers are not aware that there is a certain amount of formaldehyde present in all organic products, even in vegetables and fruits, but is safe to consume.

ceramic marble cork tiles bathroom flooring waterproof floor
ceramic marble cork tiles bathroom flooring waterproof floor

Same floor in whole house:

If you are looking for a floor that can go “everywhere” – including bathrooms, living room, bedrooms, kitchens and home office then cork is an excellent option.  You can have luxurious beauty with a house filled with the same flooring – without the usual price tag that goes with it.  Wood-look porcelain tile is beautiful – but expensive.  A cork floating floor can go throughout a home.  The matching 广州啊啊啊can be installed in all your living spaces, even the bathroom for a near-seamless installation.


Important points for installers or contractors to avoid common mistakes when installing cork tiles:

Glue down cork tiles require a roll-on contact cement application. Do not use a trowel. 

Water-base cement Wakol D3540 is recommerned as the adhesive of choice. It is a VOC-free glue we recommend to reduce toxic emissions during application.  Or you may use 3M 30NF Green Fastbond Contact adhesive. DO NOT use solvent base adhesives.


Adhesive must be applied to both the backside of tiles and onto the floor area. Allow to dry out fully before the cork tiles can be laid.


A glue down cork tile floor always requires site finishing.  Always.  This is not for the cork but for the adhesive and the subfloor. Because the tiles are held in place with adhesive and they sit directly over top of a subfloor the seams of the cork must be made impervious to water. That means the tiles must be sealed once they have been installed. Without this site finishing water, dust, dirt, mud, oil, etc. will work its way between the seams to reach the subfloor and adhesive.  The adhesive will then become contaminated and eventually loose adhesion.


Glue down cork tiles are extremely flexible which means they require a finish that will move and flex in the same manner as cork. Forna has investigated several finishes over the years. We have tried other formulations – without much success. Thus, the only water-based polyurethane we recommend for our cork floors is the Loba 2K Supra AT.


It is best to work from several packages at the same time. Shuffle cork tiles for the best visual appearance. The natural shade variations enhance the look of cork tiles, so some color and shade variation should be expected.




With proper installation and care a cork floor will last for decades, whether in the bathroom or another space in your home. Take on a Forna cork floor today. Not only have you installed an eco-friendly flooring material in your home, you’ve made a good investment for healthier living.


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