Why buy from Cancork Floor ? Some Points to Consider:

At cancork.com we take out the middle man. We sell to homeowners, contractors and businesses alike. We order the product direct from the manufacturer and then house it in one of our four storage facilities. Because of our massive inventory, we are able to ship same or next business day. Rarely do we have delays.

cancork floor cork flooring display
cancork floor cork flooring display

Because of our buying power and our storage facilities, we can offer some of the best pricing on high-quality cork flooring. If you think it is too good to be true, we can prove to you how with volume cork flooring purchasing, no middle man and direct shipping to you – the client – we can continue to keep our prices low. In fact, some of our clients have said they can’t believe our prices are so low. I can assure you, this is not a trick. It is merely taking advantage of market strengths and keeping overhead to a minimum.

cork flooring showroom cancork floor in Canada
cork flooring showroom cancork floor in Canada

How We Do It:

If you take the basic premise that every time a floor “changes hands” it doubles in price (manufacturer ships to “warehouse”; then “warehouse” sells to “Flooring Store”; then “Flooring Store” sells to “You”), you quickly understand why other high-end brand names sell cork flooring for 2-3 times the amount we sell for. Everyone manufactures and ships cork for the same price. The mark-ups come once the factory ships the product to the next in line. Since Cancork.com is the only stop, there is only a single level of “mark-up”. And we keep that mark-up to a minimum. It keeps our prices as low as possible without you, the client, having to order 34,000sf (one shipping container) of flooring delivered directly to your driveway. That’s enough flooring to finish 15-20 houses! That’s how we do it. One mark-up + low overhead = great savings.

Also we take the guess work out of ordering by offering samples and so we HIGHLY recommend ordering free samples. This way you have the product you are going to order on hand, in your space. This allows you to inspect the pattern, colour and thickness of the floor in the space it is meant to be installed in.

How We Ship It:

We also take the mystery out of shipping – or logistics as it is known in the biz. We might “Major” in cork flooring, but we hold “Minor” degrees in logistics. We have collected a group of shipping companies that offer excellent service at exceptional prices. We then pass those shipping discounts on to you. The more you order, the less it costs per square foot, to ship.

Even small orders can benefit from low-cost shipping if we have the ability to ship to a freight terminal near you (this is not always an option…but we will check it out for you). If a freight terminal is within an easy distance, we will offer a quote that includes the lower cost option. You can then choose which option suites you best. We try our best to offer the lowest cost shipping options available.

shipping cork flooring
shipping cork flooring

How We Can Help when you buy cork flooring :

At Cancork.com we only deal with cork. Cork is our livelihood and our passion. We pride ourselves in knowing more about cork than anyone else in North America. We have been praised by our Portuguese suppliers about how knowledgeable we are. Not only about sales – how you sell cork, is not just about technique – but about product. Product knowledge (PK in business terms) is immensely important in the specialty flooring industry. Without vast amounts of knowledge, selling cork flooring is like selling the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Sure it looks cool, but how would you live with it?

How We Differ from our Competitors:

Most of our clients are looking for quality flooring at reasonable prices. That means that our direct competitors are not the Big Boys of the cork flooring industry (although we go toe to toe with them in quality) but the Big Box stores so happily frequented by the general public. Their product and their pricing reflect the quality of their products, not their true value on the market.

Our prices reflect our massive buying power – not our quality. Our quality out-ranks any point-of-purchase cork flooring retailer in the business. We hand select every colour, every plank size, every finish option. We know our clients and we know cork. We marry those two worlds to offer our clients the best of both worlds: High quality cork for the same price as low-quality Big Box stores.

How You can tell the Difference:

The quality of the sales person will tell you all you need to know about the quality of the product. Ask the Big Retailers about VOC testing; about acoustic testing; about source countries and country of manufacturing. We know that “Tim the Stock Boy” won’t be able to offer an answer. Tim’s manager won’t be able to offer an answer. And the owner of Tim’s store will have to “…look it up and get back to you”, which s/he never will.

The cancork.com website is a wealth of information. We have written extensively about the world of cork and cork flooring. We know our stuff. We know the oddities of the building industry and how to work around some of the oddities that can be encountered when renovating older homes.

How to Pick a Floor:
Cancork.com carries 60+ cork flooring options. This can be overwhelming for anyone other than the seasoned design professional. Don’t worry. Part of our expertise is helping you weed out the “pretty-sparklies” to get down to the “nitty gritty”. Not every cork floor is destined to work with every human being. This is where our in-depth knowledge of colour, fading, wear resistance and type of installation comes to the fore. This is what you are depending on – our knowledge.
We will happily discuss colour, installation, subfloor preparation and maintenance with anyone who asks. Some of our “colour consults” have lasted hours – all by phone or on-line chat. We estimate that 90% of our clients never meet us. Our on-line business model has helped propel our business forward where other “brick and mortar” companies have failed.
How To Contact Cancork.com:
We are happy to answer any questions you have. You can call, email, or if you are lucky enough to live in the Lower Mainland of BC, you are welcome to visit us:
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