Can Cork Flooring get Wet?

A cork floating floor is quite happy in a kitchen with two coats of Loba AT. , it is recommended that the floor be protected by two coats of Loba AT or some other stain and leak protection. This helps protect your floating floor from incidents such as spills and floods in the kitchen while also doing wonders for cleanup time! The most common concern with these products like cork planks is surface spills which can happen occasionally due to clumsy moments around pots on stove tops but they’re relatively easy clean up regardless.

ceramic marble cork tiles bathroom flooring waterproof floor
Ceramic marble cork tiles 

If you are nervous about full “waterproof” then glue down cork tiles will do the work for you. These bathroom-friendly flooring options can handle anything a typical powder room throws at them, and they also provide an excellent cushion that is perfect for individuals with sensitive feet. Of course, water on any subfloor would cause damage (even if it was porcelain or sheet vinyl), but these floors have proven to be durable enough to withstand such challenges without needing too much maintenance between cleanings!

tasmanian burl cork tiles luxury river yacht waterproof floor for boat
Tasmanian burl cork tiles in a luxury river yacht