How to Properly Clean Your Forna Cork Flooring

Our cork flooring is a breeze to maintain, much like caring for traditional hardwood. Here are some straightforward steps to keep your cork floors looking their best:

  1. Regular Sweeping/Vacuuming: Whether it’s a weekly routine or every few days, use a vacuum with the beater bar turned off or a soft-bristled broom to gently sweep away dirt and debris. The key is not to wait too long; if grit and dirt accumulate, they can potentially scratch your cork floor.

  2. Weekly Damp Mopping: On a weekly basis, perform a “damp” mopping using water only. Opt for a slightly damp microfiber mop head. Avoid spraying water directly onto the floor, and do not oversaturate the mop head.

  3. Occasional Deeper Cleaning: When your floor looks particularly dirty, it’s time for a deeper clean. This can be done on a monthly basis or as needed. Instead of plain water, consider using a pH-neutral cleaner designed for wood floors. However, always test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t leave any marks. Use a microfiber mop head for this “damp water” cleaning solution, and avoid spraying the floor with the mixture.

When seeking a pH-neutral hardwood floor cleaner, look for these criteria:

  1. Neutral Label: The word “Neutral” should be prominently displayed on the bottle.
  2. For Hardwood Floors: Ensure it’s specifically designed for hardwood floors, not a multipurpose product.
  3. Residue-Free: Look for a cleaner that claims not to leave any residue.
  4. Avoid Shine Enhancers: Steer clear of products labeled as “shine enhancers,” “refreshers,” or “rejuvenators,” as these can harm the cork surface.

Note on Vinegar: While vinegar can be used, it should be diluted in a 10-to-1 water-to-vinegar solution and used sparingly. Vinegar is acidic and can etch the finish of wood floors, causing hazing and cracking. Despite being considered a natural product, it can be too aggressive for wood floor finishes.

Avoid Murphy’s Oil Soap: Lastly, it’s crucial to avoid using Murphy’s oil soap on cork flooring. This type of formula can quickly deteriorate modern finishes and potentially void your warranty. Oil soaps should not be used on wood floors, even those treated with wax or oil.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your cork floors maintain their beauty and longevity without any unnecessary complications.