Difference between the floating floor and the glue down cork tile

Subtle difference between the floating floor and the glue down cork tile make it imperative that the client receive both samples if they are trying to decide between a glue down cork tiles or floating cork floor installation.

The glue down cork tiles are able to be installed in almost any application.  Their one draw-back of cork tiles is they cannot be installed in basements.  Careful moisture management and proper preparation technique allows small amounts of glue down cork tiles to be installed in basement bathrooms, but in general this preparation makes it far too costly to attempt a larger installation.

Glue down cork tiles must be site-finished with 2-3 coats of Loba water based polyurethane.  We find that 2 coats of Loba 2K Supra AT is more than acceptable with the glue down tile application whereas we require 3 coats of Loba WS 2K Supra when used with glue down tiles.  The Loba 2K Supra AT is an exceptionally tough finish that out performs the WS 2K format by several times.  Because of this toughness, we accept/allow 2 coats to be used with the 2K Supra instead of 3 coats of the WS 2K.

This means that less product is used, cure rates are reduced, cost of product can be saved as well as a tougher finish is applied when using Loba 2K Supra AT.

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