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Cork Wall and Ceiling Tiles

Our Forna Wall Tiles and Ceiling Tiles give your home a wonderful aesthetic. With their natural beauty, these cork panels will grab the attention with their elegant and luxurious look in every room. You may change your bedroom into a spectacular feature wall, create a textured library or office, transform your kitchen into a unique place, or build an eco-friendly minimalist living room using our eco-friendly cork wall tiles. Our cork ceiling tiles and cork wall tiles are simple to install. They are also simple to clean and maintain. Cork ceiling and wall tiles may last for decades with proper care, gaining character and beauty along the way. Our manufacture guarantees that our customers will receive 100% Portuguese cork ceiling tiles and cork wall tiles. European wall tile and ceiling tile styles are increasingly popular, manufactured by us in Portugal and Italy.

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All of our wall tiles require glue on both the surface and the tile itself to adhere properly to the wall. For optimal results, we recommend our Wakol D 3540 Glue.