New Wall Panel with MDF Core Installation Guide

Tools Required:

  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer or Brad nailer and 3d/1.25″ finish nails
  • Table saw or circular saw for trimming
  • 4-foot level for ensuring straight alignment
  • Tube adhesive (Suggested: Loctite PL Premium or Manus 75 AM HV)
  • Protective safety goggles

Step 1: Panel Preparation and Sizing Let the cork wall panels adjust to the room’s environment for at least 72 hours. Simply open the boxes in the installation room. Removing the panels from the boxes is not required during this stage. If the panels need resizing, use a table saw or circular saw to trim them to the desired dimensions.

Step 2: Preparing the Installation Surface Before starting the installation, confirm that the wall surface is even and dry.

Step 3: Securing Panels with Adhesive and Nails It is advised to use both adhesive and nails for secure installation. Follow the provided image for adhesive application. Aim to place brads or nails into the wall studs wherever feasible for enhanced support. 

Installation instruction glue apply 2 Installation instruction glue apply 3 Installation instruction glue apply






Step 4: Installing the Panels Locate and mark the wall’s center on the floor. Ensure the first panel is vertically aligned using the level. Affix this initial panel with the chosen adhesive and firmly nail it using a brad gun. Proceed by attaching the subsequent panels to either side of the first, moving towards the wall’s edges.

Installation instruction cork wall panels nailing Installation instruction cork wall panels nailing 2