Waterproof Floors Go Cork Flooring, Cork Tiles

Most hardwood floors lack the ability to resist water damage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wood floor in areas of high humidity. Cork is a wood that comes with better benefits than its cousins. Cork contains Suberin, a waxy substance naturally generated within the composition, that makes it resistant to invasion from liquids and gasses.  Because of this cork is able to fight against wood rot and mildew.

ceramic marble waterproof cork tiles master bath new construction home black tub
Ceramic marble glue down cork tiles

We carry floating floors and glue down tiles in many different options.  A cork floating floor is quite happy in a kitchen with the proper seal.  rAdd a few coats of polyurethane and you’ve gone from a floor that does awesome water resistant to waterproof. They are considered water resistant to LARGE spills (2 gallons of spaghetti water hits the floor and sits there while you wait 8 hours in EMERG to treat your burns).  A “plumbing event” will cause damage to a floating floor product.  This is a rare event.  The most common concerns are surface spills (as mentioned above).

gray bamboo cork glue down tiles hotel bathroom thermal acoustic insulation
Gray bamboo cork glue down tiles 

If you are nervous about full “waterproof” then a glue down cork tile would do the work for you.  It is a floor that is designed for full bathrooms.  It can handle the excess strains a bathroom puts on it.  Of course, if water hits the SUBFLOOR (the plywood it is glued to) then there will still be damage that will need to be dealt with (as would be the case with all floors – even porcelain or sheet vinyl).

leather water-resistant comfort kitchen flooring options
leather cork flooring in a kitchen

Have you been living with ceramic tile or vinyl on your kitchen floor. Need a break from the cold and hard surface. Then take a moment to consider cork. Derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, our cork floors are naturally water resistant so can fit right in the bathroom and with the proper seal it becomes water proof.

bleached birch white cork floor washroom house
bleached birch white cork floor washroom house

Need a less expensive alternative to hardwood flooring that does a better attempt at keeping water invasion out. Cork is your answer. It’s a natural resource that is 100% renewable. The rustic beauty of cork will charm you and modern technology brings it into a reasonable price

Imagine…the perfect floor; fashionable, aesthetically chic, quiet to walk on, soft and warm to the touch, but still durable enough to handle the elements and accidental spills without becoming an unsightly sore. It’s real. It’s here. Cork. And it is offered as flooring tiles, panels, or planks in a variety of colors and designs.

Want ‘Green’ flooring that is wood based and can withstand the continual cost of replacing wood rot due to moisture. Cork is the answer. Cork floors can resist rot and mould and give your floors a waterproof functionality. By waterproof we mean install it in a kitchen or bathroom, add a few coats of polyurethane and relax, don’t stress about every spill or splash every time. Cork will repel it and maintain its beauty.

Healthy living begins at home, so why not ‘green’ your floors by installing one of Nature’s most beneficial materials.