Attention Clients: Please be aware there are special requirements when shipping/purchasing cork glue down tiles and the liquids – Wakol D3540 adhesive or Loba 2K Supra AT polyurethane – during winter months.Loba 2K Supra AT or Wakol D3540 are temperature sensitive and will become defective if exposed to temperatures below 5 Celsius (40F).Any liquids (Wakol or Loba) purchased during COLD months MUST HAVE a Winterizing Package to Protect from Freezing during shipment/transport.We have some difficulties sending the liquids at this time of the year because of the potential freezing temperatures.  If you cannot find Loba 2K Supra AT or Wakol D3540 in your local areas, then we can ship them.  Shippers have a hard time when this product needs “protecting from freezing” (greater than +1 degrees Celsius).  We are trying to come up with a heating package that will offer heat inside the boxes as well as “protect from freezing”. The combination of both will allow us the ability to ship these liquids during the winter.There are 2 different surcharges when ordering either Wakol D3540 or Loba 2K Supra AT:(1) “Winterizing Package” surcharge of $15 per gallon and(2) “Protect from Freezing” surcharge of $50 per orderSeparate shipping may be required (and separate shipping costs apply). Transit times requiring more than 5 days could be subject to separate shipping costs. This possibly may require shipping in the Spring.Couriers (such as Canada Post, FedEx) do not provide Protect From Freezing service, so you only need to order the Winterizing Package.  The heating pads can only last for 48 hours to 72 hours, so we will request to ship Loba 2K Supra AT or Wakol D3540 by courier express, if transit times require more than 5 days. Or again, you may need to order in the Spring.=======When do I need only the Winterizing Package?If your order less than 250 lBS (cork glue down tiles less than about 250 sq.ft and floating flooring approx.. less than 100sq.ft) you order will shipped by couriers(Canada Post, FedEx).=======When do I need both – Protect From Freezing and Winterizing Package?If your order over 250 lBS (cork glue down tiles over about 250 sq.ft and floating flooring approx.. over 100sq.ft) you order will shipped by Freight (Vitran, D&R, Western Canada Express, ACE, Clark…).It is the client’s responsibility to bring all liquids in side at the time of delivery and inspect the liquids at time of delivery (open the carton to ensure the product is still in liquid form). Should product arrive “frozen” (in a solid state – not liquid) or damaged, Cancork Floor must be notified within 48 hours of delivery. Failure to inform Cancork Floor inside of 48 hours of damaged/frozen product negates the client’s ability to file a claim for replacement product with Cancork Floor, Cancork Floor or Forna.</span> <span style=”color: red;”>***Liquids such as Adhesive and Polyurethane are NON-REFUNDABLE PURCHASES. NO credit will be given for liquids returned to us.Another glue option for the cork adhesive Wakol D3540:  LePage “Pres-Tite” green/blue “Non-Toxic” water based Contact Cement adhesive or 3M 30NF Green Fastbond Contact AdhesiveGermany’s Loba 2K Supra AT floor finish is only finish that can complement the elasticity of cork. The glue down cork tiles are extremely flexible which means they require a finish that will move and flex in the same manner as cork. Forna has investigated several finishes over the years. We have tried other formulations – without much success.