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Fusion Cork Flooring

What better that Fusion Cork Flooring

Cork floors have made a strong comeback in the last two decades. Builders and homeowners have come to appreciate all the benefits cork flooring can bring into their interior spaces. Now we’ve upped the game with a new line of cork based flooring, Fusion Cork floors.

We’ve created a flooring hybrid that is stronger, tougher, but still retains all of cork’s best features including its eco sustainability. Fusion cork tiles are made from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and phthalates free polypropylene. The top wear layer of our fusion cork planks, which we term ‘vinyl’, is the same polypropylene product used to create children’s toys. You get strong and tough without the toxins. Our vinyl cork is still eco friendly to produce, and most importantly, non toxic and biodegradable.

Available in our floating floor application, each 10.5mm x 210mm x 1200mm (7/16 inch x 8.27 inches x 4ft) plank is composed of a thin Polypropylene Embossed Finish surface (approximately 0.2mm) fused to a 3mm layer of cork backing. A 6mm E1 Grade Moisture Resistant HDF or High Density Fibreboard core/middle layer comes next, followed by a 1.5mm cork underlayment. Easy to install, this can be done as a DIY project utilizing our patented Uniclic tongue and grove interlocking system.

Cork Fusion floors are sound and thermal insulating and are packed 5 planks per carton for a total coverage of 16.28 square feet. At $4.49 /square foot, you get quality on quality and our factory direct pricing.

If you want a floor that can take heavy wear and tear but still give you ‘green’ options then go with our Fusion cork flooring. We bring higher resistance, better UV protection, and an excellence in quality we are proud to back with a 10 year warrenty. Go with our Fusion Cork flooring today. Currently available in Ash Wood, Barn Wood, Teak,Pine Wood and Silver Pine patterns.

Fusion Cork vs Vinyl Floating Flooring

Forna Fusion CorkClick Together Vinyl
UnderlaymentAllow for 6mm and even 12mm cork acoustic underlaymentUltra-thin under pads normally allowed with vinyl planks (3mm cork is the thickest allowable – and not all vinyl planks are allowed under pad)
Temperature IncreaseYes, Cork natural thermal insulation abilityNO
Cooler during the summerYes, Cork natural thermal insulation abilityNO
DurabilityIn a high-wear, super tough polypropylene (PP) finishYES
Visibility of ScratchesNO visible linesVisible white lines
Offer Sound ProofingYesNO
Sustainable FlooringYesNO
PVC freeYesNO
FadeNot FadeNot Fade
ClickYes, UniclicYes
PhthalatesNO phthalatesYes. which is what people worry about with vinyl