Underlayment 6mm Cork Underlay Top Density 150 sq.ft (CAD0.95 sq.ft)


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Underlayment 6mm cork underlay

Forna Underlayment in the 6mm thickness (150sf/box) is one of our top selling products.  We have brought in top density cork (220kg/cubic meter) underlayment to the North American market – and our efforts have been paying off.  Most of our competitors sell mid-grade cork that averages 180kg/cubic meter).  In the thermal and acoustic world, density makes or breaks a product.  And we have it MADE!  Really.

warm cork underlay

Synthetic Foam

Wood, Laminate, carpet and ceramic floors absorb out body heat, thus the floors have a colder feel. Classic synthetic foams do not provide thermal insulation.

Forna Cork underlayment

Forna cork underlayment placed under the floors reflect heat of our body, thus offering a more comfortable feel and protecting the natural warmth of your feet.

We have made a point of bringing in some of the industry’s top density, top performing cork underlayment.  As a cork flooring specialist, we know cork and we know what makes good cork even better – density.  The denser the cork underlay, the better the acoustic insulation.  The denser the cork the better the thermal insulation.  Cork is the only product that ranks “top 2” in the world for thermal and acoustic material.  There is nothing else in the building market that will do what cork does – in both categories.

We have heard, time and time again, about the thermal insulating properties of 6mm cork underlay.  When used in a cold basement in Northern Saskatchewan (1100sf – with only 1 forced air vent) underneath our 11mm cork floating floor (Ripple Bevelled edge – but it doesn’t matter which cork floor you choose), it raised the temperature by 7 degrees Celsius (12 deg. F).  The homeowner was so impressed she call us to let us know how happy she is with her new “Ma’am Cave”.  Now if she could just get rid of the teenagers who have taken over the basement!

For the price of a floor, that is some pretty impressive thermal insulation.  The 6mm cork underlay is so impressive, it has been used in lieu of in-floor radiant heat or floating subfloor systems that are common in cold basements.  The savings for the homeowner can run into thousands of dollars – and that doesn’t include the savings on heating/cooling costs down the line.

Cork underlayment in the 6mm thickness is the most commonly accepted material by condo boards or HOA management.  It can be used underneath almost any floor.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be laid over top of 6mm cork because it has the proper deflection rankings required for tile and stone setting.  It can be used underneath floating or glue down hardwood floors.  It has been used as a wall insulation – sandwiched between two layers of regular drywall – to help owners obtain peace and quiet from their neighbors noisy TV.

Cork underlayment offers a simple but very effective solution for creating floor systems which meet stringent sound ratings, condominiums, hotels, apartments, private homes and business applications including old building conversions into condominiums.

Cork underlay is made from cork. Cork in the outer bark of trees The cellular structure of cork is also significantly impervious to liquids, chemically stable and fire-resistant and sound deadening.

The cork underlayment system acts as a sound deadening materials by breaking the sound transmission path through the floor-ceiling assembly and prevents noise flanking room to room


If you are an Architect or Engineer and you require test results, please contact us via email.


  • Made in Portugal
  • Density: 200 – 220 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 6mm (1/4 inch)
  • Width: 2ft
  • Length: 3ft
  • 6 sq.ft per sheet
  • Carton Coverage: 150 SF
  • Weight: 46lb
  • MSDS
  • Resin Statement


  • Delta IIC rating 12 dB (IIC Impact Insulation Class 23 dB)
  • 100% cork (bark from the cork tree)
  • Excellent impact noise reduction, reduce sounds of footsteps: Reduce the amount of noise that a floor will make as people walk on it.
  • Insulation and Increases thermal resistance
  • The best choice for sound control and stress crack suppression issues involving the installation of hard surfaces in condominiums and apartment buildings
  • Cork underlayment has such outstanding acoustical properties that it will meet or exceed the multi-level code requirements of most homeowner associations
  • Natural and economical solution to provide a necessary sound control
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Direct and easy installation
  • Does not deteriorate after years of use
  • Moisture resistant, avoid the appearance of moisture in the floor top layer
  • Controlling the temperature in the room
  • The best material to raise a subfloor
  • Floor improvement: de-emphasize an irregularities subfloor.
  • It has been independently tested according to ASTM standards for acoustical values
Weight 44
Dimensions 37 x 25 x 8.5 in


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