Floating cork flooring

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12mm Cork Flooring
Uniclic Floating
½” x 35 7/16” x 11 13/16”

desert arable cork floor living room hypoallergenic flooring for asthma sufferers

10mm Cork Flooring
Uniclic Floating
25/64″ x 11 13/16″ x 35 7/16″

forna ash wood fusion cork flooring over radiant floor heating systems living room

Fusion Cork Flooring 
Uniclic Floating
12/32″ x 8 1/4″ x 47 1/4″

A floating cork flooring is a floor that is made up, in part, with cork. This floor is not attached to the subfloor in any way. This is what makes it a “floating floor” as opposed to a glue/nail/staple in place floor. A floating cork flooring greatly reduces cost of installation as well as time of install. Cork floating floors allow everyone who is looking into wood floors to afford a cork floor installed in their home. When cork was first introduced as a flooring option (mid 19th century), it was available to very few. Only the wealthy could afford a floating cork flooring. The installation alone was worth a small fortune. With today’s technology, the cost of cork flooring has greatly reduced. Added to a floating plank (click together system) cork has become the luxury floor finish that every home owner can afford. Because of the click-together system has added ease of installation, labour costs no longer need to be a major factor when it comes to this valuable wood floor. Many floating cork flooring can be installed for the same installation price as a laminate or engineered hardwood floor. DIY homeowners can install the floor themselves – so long as they have the tools readily available. This makes cork one of the easiest luxury flooring installations around.

Silver Birch Floating Cork Flooring