Forna AllGreen
All Natural Flooring

These are the products for you if you value sustainably sourced flooring made entirely of natural materials. These products are available as cork floating flooring that is simple to install as well as cork glue down flooring that is completely waterproof for use in areas such as bathrooms.

If you want to go green with your flooring, you have a variety of options. While most people associate “green” with materials that are natural and renewable, there is more to consider if you truly want an environmentally friendly floor.

The following variables contribute to a flooring material’s environmental impact:

  • Sustainably sourced and renewable
  • Recyclability
  • Manufacturing social responsibly
  • High durability and long product life-span
  • No toxic chemicals used

Floating Flooring Options with Real Wood Top Layer

Floating Flooring Options with Cork Top Layer

All Cork Glue Down Flooring Options

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