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Cork Underlayment

Cork underlayment by Forna is produced using European grade 100% Polyurethane binders. These binders are VOC free and formaldehyde free. Cork granule sizes 1-3 are used in combination with a small amount of the polyurethane adhesive, heat and pressure to create a product designed for loose or bonded installation underneath solid hardwood, cork floating flooring, bamboo flooring or engineered hardwood and laminate.


Acoustical Ratings:

1/2" (12mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/4" (6mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/8" (3mm) cork underlayment IIC STC statement.

1/2" (12mm) cork floating IIC report.


warm cork underlay

Synthetic Foam

Wood, Laminate, carpet and ceramic floors absorb out body heat, thus the floors have a colder feel. Classic synthetic foams do not provide thermal insulation.

Forna Cork underlayment

Forna cork underlayment placed under the floors reflect heat of our body, thus offering a more comfortable feel and protecting the natural warmth of your feet.

Floating floors such as cork, laminate or vinyl planking do well when with cork underlayment is floated as well. Cork underlay sheets are not to be used in place of a vapour barrier. Like any wood product, cork underlay requires the use of vapour barrier when installed directly over cement or below grade.

Cork is an amazing product; it can help keep your house warm and dry, while lowering noise and sound transmissions between floors. We now offer our underlayment in 3mm, 6mm and a whopping 12mm or ½” cork tile. Drop by our online showroom today at and order your own free sample of this underlayment – you will be amazed.