Rocky Bush Cork Flooring 11mm Floating Limited Stock 66 sq.ft (CAD1.99)

$129.00 $41.79 sq.ft


***Limited Stock 3 cartons and 1 damaged plank (free) 66 sq.ft. You pay 63 sq.ft***.

count 41=11+12+15

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 21
Total Price $41.79

Rocky Bush Cork Flooring, Floating Floor 21 SF

Rocky Bush is Forna’s leading seller. This is a very active floor with tremendous amounts of movement. Rather than taking on the look of a wood floor, Rocky Bush leans a little more towards the famous brown Italian marbles. The black tiger-striping of Rocky Bush adds flair without adding depth of color.

Rocky Bush starts out life as a medium depth, amber colored floor. Over time the darker shades will fade – the striping does not; making this floor particularly vulnerable to fading or blonding. If you love the deep rich amber colors but do not wish the floor to fade in direct sunlight, please visit Maple Ripple. The coloring in Maple Ripple is stabilized by its “Autumn” stain.

Weight 36.5
Dimensions 36 x 12 x 3.4 in


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