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6mm glue down cork tiles

construction cork tiles 6mm

Bring the natural beauty of a woodland forest to your interior designs with this unmatched wood-based material. Our 6mm cork flooring tiles are made from the bark of cork oak trees—durable, sound-dampening, and temperature-insulating for use in homes and commercial spaces alike. With our 6mm glue down cork tiles you get beautiful, organic flooring that does rustic to the T or carry that high-end chic feel with ease.

This installation style involves intense labor and a can do attitude as it will take time and hard work to make it look great. You’ll also be investing in a good adhesive, we suggest you go with our recommended brand. We’ve done the testing so you won’t need to worry about the outcome. But the finished product will make merry and do you right. Our 6mm glue down tile line translates to 1/4 of an inch thick, for those not familiar with the metric system, and can cut sound transfer by more than 10 decibels. Not only that, cork is naturally warm to the touch so you also get a floor that is comfortable to walk on, even in the winter.

Currently available in a variety of warm and cool tones, these 12”x24” tiles can be laid over a ‘At or Above Grade’ concrete floor or subfloor. With our 6mm cork tile line you get a tile that is not too thick, but thick enough to create effective sound reduction. This depth of density also gives you a floor that is thick enough to create a noticeable ‘cushion’ effect for your feet and back. A solid yet ‘giving’ support system that will, in the long run, not only impress but relieve body strain, especially if you stand for long hours.

What makes our cork glue down tiles so effective? Cork contains millions upon millions of air-filled pockets in every cubic inch, the basis for its cushiony properties. These pockets will compress under pressure and regain their shape when the pressure is removed. Because of this cork is elastic, which makes it very comfortable underfoot unlike traditional hardwood and ceramic. This characteristic, which makes cork an ideal surface flooring material, is also responsible for its success as an acoustic and thermal insulator. As a part of our 6mm flooring line you get the benefits of natural cork with the ingenuity of current technology, and the best in manufacturing practices.

But don’t think that cork stops there. Cork also earns points toward ‘Green’ certification for its renewable and biodegradable properties. In our current age, there is movement towards choosing home building products that are known for being eco-friendly. Cork is ‘green’ because it comes from tree bark that naturally replenishes itself. So you get the source material without having to cut down or damage the tree. Given that each tree has a lifespan upwards of 150 years it goes without saying cork is a natural, replenishable resource.

Go with our 6mm glue down tiles today for a cleaner, healthier home space and live the difference.