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Cork – The Economical And Most Suitable Wood Flooring Alternative

When it comes to flooring, it stands as an important aspect in not only the aesthetic sense of your home but also as an important utility element. Flooring can be a very expensive thing and so will be its maintenance. 

Hardwood Vs. Cork Flooring:

The finish of wooden flooring gives a great look to the room. Thus, wood was always a popular choice of flooring. Wood makes for a very good-looking flooring choice. Wood flooring also seems fabulous in any place of the home but maintaining wooden flooring is difficult. Also, wooden flooring is too expensive, and the most important factor is that it is not friendly to the environment as the felling of trees is required to gather the wood. One can thus switch over to economical and most suitable wood flooring alternative, and that is cork. Cork has been used in a diversity of roles for many years, including floors. Cork is obtained from the skin of the cork hardwood tree.

  • Cork rubber is the eco-friendly, simple, and sustainable renewable source.
  • The cork flooring provides for a very sturdy base and thus serves as a very fit option for house flooring.
  • It is both a very tough material and also gives no less stylish finish than wooden flooring. The primary benefit to natural cork flooring is the point it’s a great renewable that is a replaceable source.
  • This indicates if you prefer this flooring answer, you’ll have an eco-friendly floor and opt for encouraging environmental friendly options.
  • This entire floor is made out of cork that is usually used in the closing of wine bottles. The flooring made from these look brownish and also can absorb sound hence as a soundproof flooring cork is a great option.
  • In comparison to wood, cork comes at a lot less price, and thus the flooring cost goes down as well. Hence cork flooring serves as a great inexpensive method.
  • Cork flooring needs to be maintained, but with proper care, it can look stunning for hundreds of years.
  • For regular cork floor cleansing, use a motionless dust mop or a vacuum with an exposed platform frame.

There are so many other flooring options, but not all have the same properties as cork. Cork flooring is eco-friendly, but Bamboo is not. You can look for the right option, but cork can offer you so many benefits. Hence it is a great cost-effective method as well as easy to maintain the cork flooring. Cork is thus the best economical and most suitable flooring option for anyone who is finding for an alternative to wood.

5 Reasons That Make Cork Flooring An Eco-Friendly Option








When the home renovation is in your mind, especially the flooring, you have choices available in abundance. No matter what your interest is, you always have countless options to choose from. Whether you need to make your home look stunning or you want to create an eco-friendly effect, cork flooring is always the best choice.

Even if the concept is not new, cork flooring has gain popularity. This kind of flooring earlier was used in libraries and churches. But now, it has become a popular choice for residential properties also. The versatility and ease make it a perfect choice for residential flooring.

There are several reasons why cork flooring is an environmental-friendly choice. Let’s take a look at such reasons:

  1. Moisture Resistant Material

The waxy substance gives cork flooring the moisture-resistance characteristic. This substance is also insect resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for your living space.

  1. Long-Lasting Option

Durability is the next and one of the strong reasons why cork is the best choice for your home. Whether you want to use it for your home or office, this flooring option will make you satisfied. The cork is best known for its depth and richness even if it is available in different colors, patterns, and texture.

  1. A Good Insulator

Cork also reduces noise and vibration, which make it a perfect pick for your living place. This is quiet and minimizes the noise. The sounds like walking by people or pets no longer can bother you.  

  1. Comfort and Softness

Cork’s cellular structure traps air inside that gives a natural shock, absorbing feel to flooring. The material is quite useful for every nook of your home and serves comfort and softness to your feet.

  1. Beautiful and Safe

The natural beauty of cork often attracts people and compels them to consider this flooring option for the area where they spend most of the time. The various colors and patterns are also available that make your space beautiful and eye-catching. The cork flooring is good not only for you but also for your pets. With the natural property, it is resistant to insects and moisture. In short, the cork floor does look not only beautiful but also safe for your health.

If you are influenced by the idea of natural flooring, cork is no doubt the best choice for you. Now, look for an expert that can install cork flooring for you at affordable prices and give you the desired results.

Why Cork Flooring is perfect for the Yoga?

silver birch forna cork floors yoga class pilate exercises fitnessWhen clients enter, they don’t merely walk by the door. The promptly head down to the floor, twisting, stretching, and rolling over and over repeatedly as they movies into their next pose. Why Cork Flooring is perfect for yoga and fitness workrooms.

You desire your clients to be satisfied and happy from start to finish. A satisfied client is one who relishes the experience and can’t hold to get back again. And while flooring plays a significant role in all industries – a smooth floor is suitable for business – it’s even more crucial to a yoga or fitness workshop. Should you move with more conventional options like carpeting? Or try something unique, such as rubber flooring?

Why don’t you try cork flooring? It offers convenience, comfort, and pleasure & does so while seeking fabulous in the process. Cork flooring is typically influencing immune. It bucks when you squeeze down on it and is intended to reduce the massive influence on the joints. Cork flooring’s warmth and cushion aids to the flow, performing it sense warmer in the wintertime, yet maintain its coolness in the summertime. And if you will be blending it up a little with a more dynamic exercise– cork’s natural sound reception excels at enduring sound in its region, to provide other, more comfortable conditions to take place below the hall.

Cork is also among the best flooring materials to pick as an exercise floor due to its comfort at being sustained. It has an organic anti-microbial attribute that turns it excellent when revealed to skin and sweating. It can even assist inhibit bacteria and viruses accretion due to its smooth sobering facade material. When you’re attempting to create an excellent first impression in your fitness studio, gaze no farther than cork flooring to make the job performed the first time accurately. It’s a healthy product for a wholesome lifestyle, the perfect complement to your profession.

Benefits of Using Cork Floor


 Cork is among the most durable matters on the planet. Cork trees exist 200 to 300 years, and each 9 to 12 years the skin is accumulated to produce cork; it’s the only tree that reforms after harvesting.  Harvesting cork bark helps in the retention of CO2, improving conserve the environment.

Comfort & Durability:

 There is nothing surprisingly like the sense of cork underfoot. Correlated to conventional walnut floors, its similar stepping on a cloud. The soothing feel of cork is expressly resilient, and it springs back again into position as you raise your paw. This is exceptionally satisfactory in yoga or fitness workplace where it’s not surprising to persist for a long time, like a home yoga or gym.


Safety & Insulation:

 The springiness of the cork floor is exactly why it is such a reliable and durable flooring option. Those with arthropathy or other joint issues will unquestionably acknowledge the cushioning cork offers. It also has excellent sound isolating and organic noise administration abilities, providing privacy and controlled noise for any yoga center.


Cork floor is the perfect surface to operate yoga sessions and fitness classes. The hallmark of Cork flooring products is their Impact resistance. This natural capacity of cork is ideally fitted for yoga and fitness spaces intended to reduce the massive impact on the joints.

Cork is natural work-out flooring. It is simple to integrate at any of the place and easy to manage. Many yoga studios and yoga lovers are observing that cork flooring is the perfect surface on which to operate yoga and fitness sessions. Cork flooring provides for full body comfort and relaxation. It can be installed quickly, highly durable, and long-lasting. For over a decade we are in the business and have assisted hundreds of yoga centers and fitness classes with our superior cork flooring services and delivered them the satisfaction.

Why Cork Flooring Is Perfect For The Hotel?

brown leather cork floor spacious modern luxury classic bedroomFor any home, its flooring plays an instrumental role in adding to the appeal and aesthetic value of the interiors. And, with several flooring options available nowadays, home owners are surely spoilt for choices. Cork flooring, a concept which has been recently introduced and added to the long list of flooring options, is fast growing in popularity with each passing day.

However, prior to selecting cork flooring for your home, you will fist need to understand the benefits offered by them and reasons as to why they are becoming special.

Cork, a material from which these floorings are made, is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, found in the Mediterranean. Although, cork is sourced from various countries all over the world, it is Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which are considered as the largest manufacturers and exporters of cork. Cork, which can be compressed up to 40%, is known to return back to its original form within no time. This is one major feature of cork which contributes towards making this material special for flooring use. Listed herewith are some of the major benefits offered by cork floorings.

Comfortable and Soft

Thanks to the cellular structure of the cork, this helps in trapping air inside it, thereby providing a natural shock absorbing feel to the floorings. This feeling of softness experienced in cork floorings offers ample comfort to your back, legs and feet.

Appealing Looks

As compared to floorings made from other materials, cork floorings offer natural and appealing looks, which are second to none. Cork floorings are available in varied colors and designs, suiting every taste and preferences.

Reduction in Noise Levels

Unlike floorings made from tiles, hardwood and laminate, cork floorings helps in minimizing the impact of noise and vibrations, which is created by walking of people and pets around the hotel, to a great extent.

Safety Factors

Thanks to the natural properties of cork, offering complete resistant from insects and allergens, these floorings make for a healthy and safe option for you and your family members. The waxy substance found in the cork keeps your floorings protected from rotting when wet. Also, suberin found in cork is fire resistant, thereby reducing the risk of any fire hazards from arising.

Low on Maintenance and Long Lasting

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining of cork floorings, all one needs to do is, wash them with plain water and mild detergent soap, to have them shining back once again. And, as compared to flooring of other materials, cork floorings have a longer shelf life, know to last for years and years. This is the reason why cork floorings are preferred for commercial places like parks, churches and government offices.

So these are some of the reasons why cork floorings are mainly preferred these days.  Every hotel owner gives priority to these floorings because of the utility they offer.

Cork does trailers; walls, floors, ceilings does trailers; walls, floors, ceilings

Got a flooring project that is a little unconventional? Say for an RV or boat. Worried that you won’t be able to meet your needs without sacrificing on beauty or functionality. Maybe even have to give up on durability to keep costs manageable. Well, we’ve got a flooring material that can meet those standards and shine. Cork. Yes the wine stopper of yore has graduated to levels that its retro counterpart, and the poor reputation thereof has not seen in decades. Technology and innovation has moved cork into the 21st century and made it a competitor to take note of in the construction world. But buildings are not the only place cork can work it.

lather cork tiles bedroom of motorhome caravanning motoring tourism trailers

lather cork tiles bedroom of motorhome caravanning motoring tourism trailers

Our glue down cork flooring goes as easily in a trailer as it does in a house. And that is not all, our cork tiles and panels can also do walls, ceilings, counter tops, cutting boards, tables, cabinetry – you’re imagination is the limit – with excellent results. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease.

Ever thought that cork tiles can be successfully installed in an RV or 5th wheel trailer, well we have a customer who went one step further and accomplished this feat on a “double-decker” bus. Turns out his initial intent was to spruce up the look and feel of his home away from home with a lighter less expensive material. What he got was not only a lighter, great looking interior but also cork’s other awesome properties. The new installation gave him added thermal insulation and noise reduction. Imagine a noisy 1960’s engine that has been effectively tempered to a lower invasive level. Top that off with road noise reduction and quieter nights in whatever paradise he choose to see, and yeah, he so did not go wrong on this decision. He was so pleased with the noise reduction he took the time out of his restoration to call us!

Sand marble in trailer cork flooring

Sand marble in trailer cork flooring

We have worked with a number of clients to restore their streamliners and collectable camper-trailers. Yes the glory days of these vintage beauties can be yours once more and at a better cost to return ratio. Our cork glue down tiles are lighter than ceramic/stone and hardwoods guaranteed, and are beautiful enough to compete on the visual level. You don’t have to turn to vinyl and carpet either, cork tiles can be installed in any space (including bathrooms). Even better, cork tiles come in varying thickness, so it is easy to find one that offers the same amount of clearance for pull-outs than thin laminates or ceramic tiles.

But don’t stop there, cork glue down tiles have been used by our very handy, budget conscious clients to line not only the walls and ceilings of their recreational vehicles, but their counter tops, table tops, and benches as well. All in the name of coordination! Yes a décor that is a joy to create, and impresses without losing on functionality and savings.

creme royal marble cork floor luxury yacht dinette boat waterproof softer flexible

creme royal marble cork floor luxury yacht dinette boat waterproof softer flexible

And don’t think that is cork’s only fit. For those of you who love to sail, cork is nautical. We have already helped more than a dozen boat and yacht owners renovate their craft. And though the use of our cork tiles for “outdoor use” falls well outside the “residential use” warranty we have, some clients have taken the lion by the beard and flouted convention. As one fine sailor decided to do with the leftover cork used in his ship’s cabin. He took cork to the helm and gang-way. Cork’s low-slip surface is an excellent choice for surfaces that are exposed to water and bare-feet. It truly does us proud when our clients are confident enough in our product to use it in areas off the conventional path.

Brown Cork Flooring Gallery

As we delve further into the 21st century, the ever-increasing concerns over defending the environment and preserving natural resources has brought an old friend back into the spotlight. Cork, yep that’s right. Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Only the bark, which is carefully stripped from a still living tree. Its supply is circulatory as the bark regenerates and is harvestable every decade. New techniques and designs have given cork a variety of colors and styles and has made it an even easier to care for flooring. Join us.

White Cork Flooring Gallery

Cork flooring comes in many different styles, designs and colours. Now you can have white cork flooring that will suit any room in your home. At Forna we are proud to present out white cork flooring in several different patterns. White cork flooring is perfect for the minimalist in you. Picture your kitchen all white, walls, counter tops, cupboards and flooring. Use our white cork flooring tiles as your backsplash, or maybe a bar front, the possibilities are almost endless. Let the decorating diva in you come out use your imagination with our beautiful white cork flooring today beautiful white cork flooring.

Why Cork Flooring Is The Better Choice

Why Cork Flooring Is The Better Choice

In today’s market, we as consumers have been spoiled as far as the home products are concerned. The homebuilding and decorating industry is overflowing with a variety of designs, decors, floorings, tiles and more. Selecting one that really suits your needs and tastes has become a rather overwhelming thing to do. The truth is that while most of these building materials might look great on your walls and floors, not all are good for your health or for the environment. A lot of these building components contain volatile organic compounds which emit off gases or toxins that are harmful to you and your surroundings.

Why Cork Flooring Is The Better Choice

Why Cork Flooring Is The Better Choice

Cork is a naturally occurring substance that is both renewable and recyclable. It does not contain V.O.Cs and is completely free of formaldehyde, both in its natural and engineered states. Essentially what this means is that cork is a substance that is produced naturally and then is manufactured in a process that utilizes eco-friendly products to maintain its green certification, thus is absolutely healthy for everybody.

Top that off with the fact that no cork tree is cut down to provide the source material and you’ve got a winner. Cork trees naturally shed their bark every 9 to 12 years. This bark is expertly peeled by specially trained individuals without any damage being inflicted upon the tree. Cork tile is thus an ideal choice for floors of your home.

The tiles/planks come in a range of vibrant colors and designs that can carry very appealing and elegant textures. Cork tile can be used on walls as well as for flooring purposes. Wall tiles not only look very earthy and warm but also provide an interesting contrast, almost artistic.

Cork glue down tile flooring is a great choice for your floors. These work really well on new construction floors as this cuts out the stress of stripping and prepping old floors. Cork glue down tile flooring is a wonderful insulator of heat and is also very effective in noise reduction especially at 8mm+ thicknesses. Made up of hundreds of millions of sealed air-cells, much like a honeycomb, the air pockets present between the cellular walls are the essential characteristic of cork that makes it so buoyant and spongy. This soft nature makes the flooring ideal for people with who suffer from joint pains, a bad back or arthritis. Using such flooring in kitchens is one of the best ways to treat your legs well while you stand for long periods of time. Similarly this spongy nature makes cork very shock absorbent. Install it in a child’s room and worry less. A fall on a cork floor would reduce the severity of any injuries thru the cushiony property.

While there are several retailers that can provide you with cork floorings, don’t forget to look at direct distributors as well. This options allows for a higher chance of savings as often middleman add-ons can be avoided. So you as the customer receive the fairest pricing available. Online firms that assure low shipment costs are even better as they can help you do up your house on a tight budget.

Come learn more about cork and cork flooring today at

A better floor for your kids, cork for the play room nursery

A better floor for your kids, cork for the play room

When cork was first made, you’d swear kids were a serious consideration for its purpose and function. Why? Because it is the only wood-based product that makes for a better floor where young kids are concerned. What you ask do we mean by this. Consider this. Most homeowners choose to go with carpeting in the bedrooms and playrooms of their homes because of its softness and ability to lessen impact injuries. No one wants their child to fall on a stone or ceramic floor while running about and playing. But did you know that cork can also provide a softer surface to play on.

A better floor for your kids

A better floor for your kids

Agglomerated cork floors are derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. Quercus Suber is a species found mainly in the Mediterranean region and over its very evolution, developed some amazing properties to cope with survival in such an area. Unlike its hardwood cousins, cork is softer and light weight in comparison. How? Because the very cells that make up the structure of cork is arranged similar to that of a honeycomb. These millions of minute chambers are airtight and closely packed together, so you get a material that acts like memory foam. Apply pressure and cork will contract, release the pressure and cork will ‘spring’ back into shape. Thus cork has a certain amount of ‘give’ to it that works great as a flooring product.

desert arable cork floor kids room playroom nursery

desert arable cork floor kids room playroom nursery

This cell structure also provides cork the ability to insulate against heat and sound transfer. Cork acts as a thermal barrier, so the ambient temperature in a room can last for longer periods. A/C air stays cooler longer on a hot summer day while winter nights stay warm and cozy. Cork absorbs or deflects sound, so loud kids at play are muted. That memory foam like quality is great for feet and joints, relieves back pain as well. Shock impact is absorbed by cork as it provides support for the body so it works very well on gym floors as well. Hospitals and physical therapy centers utilize cork floors for this very reason.

leather cork flooring kids play room low voc anti allergenic playroom nursery

leather cork flooring kids play room low voc anti allergenic playroom nursery

Cork is naturally warm to the touch, so your kids will never be playing on a cold floor. In fact they can run around barefoot and won’t complain.

golden beach game room in kindergarten daycare center playroom nursery

golden beach game room in kindergarten daycare center playroom nursery

Worried about a playroom floor that not only provides a comfortable play space but looks good doing it? Cork meets those concerns head on. Spill a little paint and carpets stain. A potty accident and you’ve got worries about discoloration and lingering smell. Cork is stain and liquid resistant. Spill some milk or juice and just wipe it up. Urine, no problem. Wipe, and go with a bit of a 10:1 diluted vinegar water solution for disinfectant. No need to use harsh chemical cleaners. Cork is antistatic and doesn’t collect dust and dander like carpet. Regular sweeping will keep it clean of debris.

cork flooring tunnel shape game and a slide in the large hall of kindergarten daycare center playroom nursery

cork flooring tunnel shape game and a slide in the large hall of kindergarten daycare center playroom nursery

No matter your playroom décor or theme, we’ve got a cork floor that will match. Whether it be the jungle or beach, a spaceship or race track we’ve got the flooring pattern that can compliment any theme. Try our Autumn Leaves or Logan patterns for a warm golden design. We’ve got Silver Birch and Crystal Oak for wood plank designs. Or if you just want a floor that can camouflage too many stains go with our Jett Black. Let your imagination be the limit.

mahogany ripple cork flooring baby room child green eco material

mahogany ripple cork flooring baby room child green eco material