Forna AquaSafe Waterproof Flooring

Now you can have that great, comfortable wood atmosphere in any room of your home! Get ready to dive into the realm of waterproof flooring. This is the most effective method for creating magnificent flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, pets, and children. Remember when your child dropped an open gallon of milk and it spilled all over the house, or when your beloved puppy confused the area next to the television with the grass in the backyard? When this happens, waterproof flooring comes in helpful.

Fully Waterproof Flooring

To avoid water accumulation beneath the Floors, fully waterproof flooring requires glue-down installation. Only Glue Down Flooring is capable of completely waterproofing the surface and sides. With a Top Layer Sealer, these floors are suitable for use in bathrooms and other areas that are frequently exposed to water and moisture.

Surface Waterproof Flooring

Surface Waterproof Floors prevent water and moisture from penetrating into the subfloor from the surface. These Floating Floors are excellent for most rooms, including kitchens. These floors are not suitable for bathrooms.


Our Water-Resistant Flooring offers superior resistance to mild and moderate water infiltration through the flooring surface. Surface waterproofing of these floors is doable, but further top layer sealing using materials accessible on our website is required.

Waterproof Flooring for Bathrooms and Indoor Wet-rooms

Surface Waterproof Flooring

Water-resistant Flooring

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Surface Waterproofing of our Water-Resistant Flooring

Two coats of our Top Layer Water-based Polyurethane will be applied to the flooring’s surface and joints. This will seal the joints between the flooring planks, preventing moisture or water from entering the subflooring. This allows you to combine the best of everything in our flooring.