Why Cork Flooring Is Perfect For The Hotel?

brown leather cork floor spacious modern luxury classic bedroomFor any home, its flooring plays an instrumental role in adding to the appeal and aesthetic value of the interiors. And, with several flooring options available nowadays, home owners are surely spoilt for choices. Cork flooring, a concept which has been recently introduced and added to the long list of flooring options, is fast growing in popularity with each passing day.

However, prior to selecting cork flooring for your home, you will fist need to understand the benefits offered by them and reasons as to why they are becoming special.

Cork, a material from which these floorings are made, is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, found in the Mediterranean. Although, cork is sourced from various countries all over the world, it is Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which are considered as the largest manufacturers and exporters of cork. Cork, which can be compressed up to 40%, is known to return back to its original form within no time. This is one major feature of cork which contributes towards making this material special for flooring use. Listed herewith are some of the major benefits offered by cork floorings.

Comfortable and Soft

Thanks to the cellular structure of the cork, this helps in trapping air inside it, thereby providing a natural shock absorbing feel to the floorings. This feeling of softness experienced in cork floorings offers ample comfort to your back, legs and feet.

Appealing Looks

As compared to floorings made from other materials, cork floorings offer natural and appealing looks, which are second to none. Cork floorings are available in varied colors and designs, suiting every taste and preferences.

Reduction in Noise Levels

Unlike floorings made from tiles, hardwood and laminate, cork floorings helps in minimizing the impact of noise and vibrations, which is created by walking of people and pets around the hotel, to a great extent.

Safety Factors

Thanks to the natural properties of cork, offering complete resistant from insects and allergens, these floorings make for a healthy and safe option for you and your family members. The waxy substance found in the cork keeps your floorings protected from rotting when wet. Also, suberin found in cork is fire resistant, thereby reducing the risk of any fire hazards from arising.

Low on Maintenance and Long Lasting

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining of cork floorings, all one needs to do is, wash them with plain water and mild detergent soap, to have them shining back once again. And, as compared to flooring of other materials, cork floorings have a longer shelf life, know to last for years and years. This is the reason why cork floorings are preferred for commercial places like parks, churches and government offices.

So these are some of the reasons why cork floorings are mainly preferred these days.  Every hotel owner gives priority to these floorings because of the utility they offer.