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Forna Cork Flooring Autumn Birch 36”x12” Plank, Box of 21sq.ft

Forna’s “Autumn” stain has been added to the very popular “Birch” pattern to produce a handsome medium brown floor. Gone are the reds of “Brown Birch”, here to stay are Burnt Sienna, dark ambers and chocolate brown piping. A linear floor with subtle movement between colours, Forna’s Autumn Birch has already found its place in the world of high end floor finishing. Its earthy brown tones make it a hit with hippies and hipsters alike. Today’s trend is moderate in colouring and rich in earth tones, leaving behind the dark stains of the 90’s. Tone-on-tone kitchens are all the rage! This floor will compliment almost any high-end stains that have been brought forward by designers in the last few years.


Forna Cork Flooring Autumn Birch is the latest in fashionable mid-tone brown-gray floors.  Currently the trend is to stay away from excessively dark floors and work with mid-tone colours with hints of gray.  Autumn Birch excels with this platform.  A “warm neutral” Autumn Birch can be used in warm or cool colour settings.  Today’s design fascination with gray-beige, or “greige”, works well with this floor.  Rich in colour without the orange of yester-year, Autumn Birch satisfies the North American craving for wood tones without sacrificing taste.  The background “Birch” pattern is subdued to look its best.  It is an easy to live with linear pattern that mimics a narrow plank hardwood.  Many people will mistake this floor for caramelized bamboo or stained antique pine.

The Forna Cork Flooring “autumn” stain is an excellent mid-tone stain that does well on main floors, bedrooms, hallways and is the perfect “finished basement” floor.  Not too dark, the “autumn” stain is well suited to work in low lighting environment without creating a “black hole” or “dark cave” in lower levels of the home.
Sensitive to light, this Forna Cork Flooring is best situated in north facing rooms or with the use of High UV windows with protective film over them.  Fashionable clients may find the application of a single coat of Loba 2K Supra AT will preserve the beauty of the finish in the mid to long term.  Those clients with pets do very well with Loba 2K Supra AT as their floor finish.  The 2K Supra AT increases the wear life of the finish by 3-4 times.  The anti-scratch and anti-denting properties of the 2K Supra AT finish serves Autumn Birch very well.


Weight 36.5
Dimensions 36 x 12 x 3.4 in

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  1. Happy New Year! I just wanted to write to Cancork Floor to let them know how happy we are with our new autumn birch floors. The product was just as their described and our house even feels warmer now that we switched from the carpet. Friends and family have said they look wonderful and we have told them all about Cancork company.

    Mike Gott

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