Best Mobile homes, RVs, Trailers Flooring – Road trip in style with cork flooring

Summer is here and most of us just want to get away, to the beach, to the mountains, ah the open road. If you didn’t think cork flooring could go in an RV or trailer, think again. Even construction and flooring experts have turned to cork to floor their recreational vehicles. Why? Because cork offers them some pretty awesome advantages that continue to perform over time.

lather cork tiles bedroom of motorhome caravanning motoring tourism trade
lather cork tiles bedroom of motorhome caravanning motoring tourism trade

What about cork sets it apart from all its counterparts?

1. Cork is 100% sustainable—

One of the few materials on the market today that can boast this, cork from production to the manufacturing process, to its finish in your vehicle is geared to leave the smallest carbon imprint as possible. Made only from the bark of the cork oak tree, the regulated forests that provide cork still stands to this day. With an average life span of 150 years, there’s no question of cork’s ability to be earth friendly.

tiles for bathroom sand marble cork
tiles for bathroom sand marble cork

2. Cork is light weight—

The cellular structure of cork resembles a honeycomb, and like a honeycomb cork utilizes these chambers for very amazing outcomes. One major difference being that in cork, each chamber is sealed with a gases substance similar to air. These millions upon millions of these miniscule ‘honeycombs’ create a material that can do wonders. Therefore cork is quite light weight. You’re looking at a product that is literally more than 50% air. In an RV or traveling trailer where weight is a mighty consideration, that is a major plus.

3. Cork does thermal insulation—

The same cellular structure that makes cork so light also works as an effective thermal barrier. As flooring you will find cork does not permit the leeching of the subfloor hot or cold, so the ambient temperature you are aiming for will last for longer periods.

4. Cork is an effective noise insulator—

Cork works as a natural sound inhibitor. Yeah natural, so you are not adding a harmful or toxic material to your RV to cut back on noise. Just think, cork is used for soundproofing in recording studios, so imagine the peaceful night’s sleep or even the cut back on road noise you can achieve.

5. Cork is water and fire resistant—

Suberin, a waxy substance naturally generated in cork repels water and resists open flame. The cork oak tree evolved these abilities to protect itself from a hot dry climate where fires were a reality and as a way to retain water within its inner bark since water was scarce. This brings us to the fact that cork resists the growth of mold and mildew as well. Giving you a floor that helps you live in a cleaner healthier space.

As you can see, just this short listing of cork’s amazing abilities demonstrate why it is the perfect choice for flooring RVs and trailers. But don’t stop there. Cork comes as underlayment and wall tiles as well so even walls and ceilings can be covered to reduce noise and manage ambient temperatures even better. Use your imagination and personalize your recreational vehicle in a manner few others can boast with cork.