Home Office Flooring – Cork Does Antistatic

Static shock is an annoyance most of us would rather not have creep up on them. We all know carpet is a great conductor, but there are few alternatives for a soft comfortable flooring material that also keeps your feet warm. Still, any one who has ever come into contact with carpets and static electricity has a story to tell. However, there is an alternative. Say hello to cork flooring. Cork will give you the beauty of a wood based floor and bring some pretty beneficial properties into your home office fl. One being that cork is naturally anti static.

home office flooring cork brown birch
home office flooring cork brown birch

Cork flooring is a product made from the bark of the cork oak tree, Quercus Suber. The process of harvesting cork (the bark) from the cork oak tree does not harm the tree, allows it to re-grow its bark and continuously be harvested throughout its lifespan (an average of 200 years). Talk about a ‘green’ highly sustainable product. This makes cork A+ earth-friendly.

The natural function of the outer bark is to protect the living parts that are generated by the tree. Its air-pocketed cellular structure, the low water content and the lack of conductivity of its components allows it to effectively function as an insulator. This allows cork the capacity to resist heat loss 30 times more than concrete and prevent the transfer of electricity, especially static bursts. Cork flooring is known to be very comfortable underfoot, having a softer, cushion-like sensation when stepped on. This is a result of the cellular structure of cork which contains millions of minute pockets of trapper air. Cork thus works as a natural shock absorber, a plus in situations where you will be standing for long periods of time, such as in the kitchen. Not only does cork provide a comfortable surface cushion, offering relief to sore feet and joints, cork also works as a sound and thermal insulator.

Cork is a poor conductor of electricity and repels static often caused by accumulated dust and lint. Therefore a cork floor will not collect such on or beneath its surface. Unlike other insulators of synthetic origin, cork also avoids the risk of migraines and other nuisances provoked by the magnetic fields generated by electrical equipment and devices in the home. Thing of the benefits this would bring. Use a cork floor beneath a home office flooring where computers and other high energy machines are present and you’ll decrease the chances of static accumulation and shock.

As you can see cork brings you a wood floor that can compete if not surpass that of carpet. You get a beautiful low maintenance floor with some pretty awesome added benefits. This aesthetically flexible material comes in many different prints, sizes, and colors. It’s also available at multiple thicknesses to suit any need. Come visit us today at www.icorkfloor.com, and learn more about cork and what it can do for you.