Acoustic Flooring – Cork 

Home too noisy or your kids a bit out of control? Or is outside noise polluting your restive space? Want to create a tranquil retreat? Want that retreat as your home? We can help if you are looking for an acoustic flooring to reduce the noise? Try soundproofing made from cork. Cork tiles are a great option. Whether you need to do some soundproofing in your home or place of business, look to cork for the answer and a great deal. Cork is naturally a sound dampener and with today’s technology has been brought to the building market as one of the best ways to get acoustic flooring done beautifully and inexpensively.

acoustic flooring cork
acoustic flooring cork

Cork has natural sound inhibiting properties that allow it to reduce the amount of noise travelling thru walls and floors. Just 3mm of cork can reduce noise by up to 10 decibels a feat most materials can’t match.

This powerful property is due to the very cellular composition of cork. Over 50% of its volume is air, which makes it very light. It weighs just 0.16 grams per cubic centimeter, and can float. Cork is built similar to a honeycomb, averaging about 40 million minute air-sealed cells in each cubic centimeter. Air is one of Nature’s great insulating materials; and cork is full of it. Not only does air prevent heat loss, it also prevents sound transmission. These cells work as a barrier that absorb sound and vibration and prevent them from passing thru. When you walk on this type of a surface, the air compresses and releases. Cork material will absorb the shock and provides a kind of cushioning, making it extremely comfortable to walk on. We carry cork as flooring in two styles of application, glue down and floating floor. Both are excellent to use not only as beautiful flooring but as a acoustic barrier as well.

Cork isn’t just a good flooring material, it’s also a great way to sound proof walls too. Using cork soundproofing tiles in your walls will reduce the amount of noise that moves from room to room. These tiles are easy to install and whether you choose to go with the underlayment style or our beautiful wall tiles, soundproofing your home has never been better.

Not only residential spaces like houses, condos and apartments benefit from cork soundproofing. Cork does very well in commercial spaces as well. Hospitals, gyms, and therapy spaces love cork for all the benefits it brings. Here is a worthy material to create small oases of peace and tranquility in a high octane world.

We offer planks, panels, tiles and underlayment to help you find the acoustic flooring you want at fair prices. Lay it down as flooring or glue it up as wall panels, it’s up to you because you can be as creative as cork is diverse. It’s rustic or chic beauty will add to any home and bring all its benefits as well. Add to that the fact that cork is a sustainable resource and you’ve got an eco-friendly material that is also manufactured to leave little negative impact on the environment.