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Cork Wall and Ceiling Tiles/Panels

When working with cork in decor, it is always worth a little time figuring out the "other" benefits of this product.  The beauty of the product aside for a moment, it is important to review the other - hidden - benefits of cork.  Cork is ranked #2 in the world for acoustic ratings and #2 in the world for thermal insulation.  No other natural (or even man made) material can boast such high rankings in both categories.  That means you can use cork in ways other materials cannot be. You can use the 7mm Orgbrick Wall Panels to help create a cozy man cave - complete with acoustic insulation for the home theatre system.  These "caves" are often found in basements or lower levels of a home.  Perfect.  The thermal insulation of 7mm cork panels would be equal to the same thickness of HIGH END insulating Styrofoam.  It is a 1 : 1 ratio.  Cork equals insulating Styrofoam.  By adding 7mm cork wall panels to a games room or home theatre room, you can insulate and isolate the space - all with one handsome wall application.  No need to worry about how to reduce the noise or how to insulate the space against the cold.  The cork wall panels have it covered. Of course the 5mm Orgclay Wall tiles also can play a role in thermal and acoustic insulation - but on a slightly lower scale.  Still highly impressive numbers to be had with the 5mm Orgclay - but not as impressive as the 7mm Orgbrick Panels.  The 3mm Creme Wall tiles are soft wall covering that can be used in lieu of texture wall paper or textured drywall.  A beautiful, soft white, the Creme Wall tiles are a pretty addition to a space without the bulk or heaviness of the Orgbrick or Orgclay tiles.  The thinner presentation moves the Creme Wall tile into a decorative finish. Cork wall tiles Forna cork wall panels and wall offer high end finishing possibilities. The 22mm, 20mm,18mm,10mm,9mm, 7mm, 5mm, 3mm cork wall tiles are heavily textured giving the space a sense of realism few other products can achieve. Thermal and acoustic insulation are the secondary and tertiary benefits of cork wall tiles. The benefit most enjoyed is the beauty of the product itself.