12mm Cork Underlayment Top Density 90 sq.ft (CAD1.85 sq.ft)




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  • cork underlay 3mm sheets

Forna has brought in 12mm cork underlayment because of increased demand for thicker underlayments.  These requests have come from frustrated condo or apartment owners whose HOA or condo associations will not work with a thinner product.  12mm cork underlayment is had been rare in the past but is becoming more and more mainstream.  Too many apartment dwellers are removing the carpet because of health reasons, only to find their way blocked by their HOA.  The demands put on solid or hard surface flooring puts the owner between a rock and a hard place.
warm cork underlay

Synthetic Foam

Wood, Laminate, carpet and ceramic floors absorb out body heat, thus the floors have a colder feel. Classic synthetic foams do not provide thermal insulation.

Forna Cork underlayment

Forna cork underlayment placed under the floors reflect heat of our body, thus offering a more comfortable feel and protecting the natural warmth of your feet.

Old fashioned STC/IIC ratings are well documented to be heavily falsified – but no one at on the Board is listening.  They can’t hear anything over the noise of thumping feet and or a bouncing bass.  Noise complaints are the single greatest producer of written and verbal complaints that an HOA or Condo Board will face.  And their idea of a fix is to ask for the moon – or more commonly a luxury condo insulation rating for a lower-than-middle class building.  This is common and becoming more and more main-stream as consumers choose to move away from carpet or soft coverings.

In comes 12mm cork underlayment.  It has been tested underneath Pergo laminate (considered an acoustic “zero” = 0 dB of insulation) and scored an incredibly impressive Delta IIC rating of 22.0 dB.  That’s just for the underlay.  Most floor+underlay combinations rate less than 14.0 dB, where the “good acoustic” floor/underlay combos score 14.0 dB or greater.

Forna has also brought in the highest possible density rating for their 12mm cork underlay (220kg/cubic meter).  Compare this to the industry standard of 180kg/cubic meter.  In the world of acoustics, density reigns.  The denser the cork (or any material for that matter) the higher the acoustic rating.  That makes Forna’s 12mm cork underlay doubly impressive.


  • Made in Portugal
  • Density: 200 – 220 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 12mm (1/2 inch)
  • Width: 2ft
  • Length: 3ft
  • 6 sq.ft per sheet
  • Carton Coverage: 90 SF
  • Weight: 54lb
  • Carton size: 36 inch x25 inch x 8 inches
  • MSDS
  • Resin Statement


  • The 12mm cork underlay has been tested and found to absorb 22 dB of noise.  This is the Delta IIC rating
  • 100% cork (bark from the cork tree)
  • Excellent impact noise reduction, reduce sounds of footsteps: Reduce the amount of noise that a floor will make as people walk on it.
  • Insulation and Increases thermal resistance
  • The best choice for sound control and stress crack suppression issues involving the installation of hard surfaces in condominiums and apartment buildings
  • Cork underlayment has such outstanding acoustical properties that it will meet or exceed the multi-level code requirements of most homeowner associations
  • Natural and economical solution to provide a necessary sound control
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Direct and easy installation
  • Does not deteriorate after years of use
  • Moisture resistant, avoid the appearance of moisture in the floor top layer
  • Controlling the temperature in the room
  • The best material to raise a subfloor
  • Floor improvement: de-emphasize an irregularities subfloor.
  • It has been independently tested according to ASTM standards for acoustical values
Weight 53
Dimensions 37 x 25 x 8.5 in


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