Acoustic wall cork tiles, Good Looks, Acoustics, Sustainable, Thermal Insulation

creme cork wall tiles empty new room with big window
creme cork acoustic wall cork tiles empty new room with big window

Cork Wall Tiles, Good Looks, Acoustics, Sustainable, Thermal Insulation,

Within the last two decades cork wall tiles and paneling have made a name for itself, gaining in popularity as more and more homeowners and interior designers favor the use of this natural material over traditional walling options. Cork not only enhances the décor of the home with its unique beauty and widely ranging patterns and designs, but is affordable and versatile.

gray leather forna sound dampening cork tiles for walls
gray leather forna Acoustic wall cork tiles for walls

In years past, cork was conventionally used in homes, offices and school as boards posted with reminders, notes and messages. Nowadays these boards come in a myriad of colors and are used for a multitude of purposes. When in use they refresh and enhance the look of any room, whether you chose a traditional wood paneling look or a bit edgier mosaic application. It is your imagination that is the limit. Be homey or be artistic, cork can help you bring out the best in your home.

cork wall panels tiles covering livering room
cork wall panels Acoustic wall cork tiles covering living room

Another reason for cork’s popularity is the fact that it falls into an affordable price range. One that allows you to dream of endless possibilities. Other types of wall tiles, including polycarbonate sheets and slate wall tiles, are expensive when compared to cork. Many of us are caught in the current economic upheaval and have learned to shop wiser, thus look for a durable and long lasting material for our homes.

walnut burlwood forna cork wall tiles for soundproofing
walnut burlwood forna Acoustic wall cork tiles for soundproofing

Have kids? Well their rooms don’t have to be the doldrums using only painted schemes. Kid’s rooms can look cheerful and bright with cork tiles. No matter how roughly your kids play in their room, cork can endure and not incur expensive damages. These tiles are not only affordable but can also be easily replaced. Even if the walls take a beating with kids scoring them or take on damage involving paint and ink, that doesn’t mean a total loss. It only takes a couple of hours to remove the damaged tiles or panels and put up new cork walling, even better, leave it and your kid can continue their ‘art’ and make the room uniquely their own. As they grow into adults, these walls can be removed and redone to their changing tastes.

silver birch forna cork walls tiles sound dampening insulation
silver birch forna Acoustic wall cork tiles insulation

Looking to embrace green products, then cork is your ideal. Not only does this sustainable and renewable product last for many years, it is widely available and affordable. Since it is the bark of the cork oak tree alone that is peeled and used to produce cork, the trees are not injured or chopped down. The bark regenerates itself over an eight to twelve year period before it is harvested again. Cork oak trees can live for 200 plus years, making it one of the greenest products on the market and one very awesome renewable source.

salami forna cork wall tiles for sound deadening insulation
salami forna Acoustic wall cork tiles for sound deadening insulation

Cork therefore proves itself to be the ideal material for use in homes and offices apart from schools, gyms and physiotherapy centers. It can be used as flooring material as well as for walling, and has made itself a go to product in intensive construction projects as well. Learn more about cork and what it can do for you today.

bleached birch forna cork tiles for walls for sound proofing
bleached birch forna Acoustic wall cork tiles for sound proofing










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