Give your Home Theatre Floor a cork upgrade

Give your Home Theatre Floor a cork upgrade


Got a Home Theatre that rocks your house. Well we can help make it even better. Most homes don’t come with a pre-installed soundproofing or even sound reduction system. In fact noise from outside tends to join you inside quite readily. And of course, the walls inside are notorious for being of little use when muting noise from room to room because we are all familiar with the din of a toilet flushing when you were not the one to use it. Soundproofing can get quite expensive, and some of the material used is not the safest or even earth conscious. It may work well now, but really do you want it in landfills twenty, thirty, fifty years from now, poisoning your children’s children.

bleached birch forna cork flooring modern home theater soundproof absorb echoes noise reducing
bleached birch forna cork flooring modern home theatre soundproof absorb echoes noise reducing


Well we’ve got a material that is natural made and natural to dispose of that will not only work effectively as soundproofing for your Home Theatre, but also brings some other great qualities to benefit you and your home.

black cork flooring home theater
black cork flooring home theatre


Cork is here, no need to fear. 100% sustainable and recyclable, cork goes into your home with a smaller carbon imprint than most of its competition. And long after you have finished with cork, it returns to the earth without harm as it is naturally biodegradable.

home theater cork wall tiles
home theatre cork wall tiles


Cork is derived from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. The tree itself is not used. It continues to live its full lifespan. The cellular structure of cork is what provides cork with the ability to block or absorb sound. Set up similar to a honeycomb, cork cells sealed air-tight with a gases substance much like air. This then is the barrier that not only keeps sound from easily passing through, but also breaks it down. Just think, a 6mm thickness of cork can reduce sound transfer by 10 decibels. Ohh, the peace.

brown birch home theatre interior projector
brown birch home theatre interior projector


Cork can even go toe to toe with carpeting. Yeah, seriously. That same cell structure gives cork the ability to provide thermal insulation. Meaning the ambient temperature you seek will be retained for longer periods when surround by cork. A/C your Home Theatre without worrying to death over heating and cooling costs. And as a bonus, cork is naturally warm to the touch and a softer, more comfortable and supportive surface to stand on. Like carpet, cork brings relief to your feet and joints, minus the collective debris and oft time scratchy surface.

bleached birch cork floor modern home theatre interior
bleached birch cork floor modern home theatre interior

Spill a drink on cork, wipe it up. Cork is water and stain resistant, so a quick clean is the thing. Worried about mold and mildew? Don’t. Cork repels the growth of both. It’s antistatic too so any concerns of static electricity build up is a no go.


Cork comes in underlayment sheets, wall panels and flooring tiles or planks, so yeah it can go anywhere in your Home Theatre. Even better is cork has been engineered to a variety of colors, appearances, designs and styles, so you can match cork to an existing décor or create your dream Home Theatre from scratch. You are the limit to what you can create with cork.


Go with cork today. You really will be creating a soundproof room that does not echo but keep your surround sound crisp and clear only to you.