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Cork Flooring Gemwood, box of 13.44/sf

No other finish is quite as beautiful as Gemwood. This premium product 7 11/16 inch (19.5cm) plank never looked quite as handsome as when this colour was introduced. The finish of the Gemwood is in homage to the African Blackwood tree. With intense, almost black ripples and swirls of this sought-after Blackwood burl is well represented. The broader plank (7” vs. 5”) allows the subtly of this stain to work its magic. The depth of the warm rich colours is well worth the title “Premium Product”.

The Gemwood colouring runs through burnt-brick browns with tiny amounts of deep maple colouring for highlights. It is almost the photo negative of the Sunny Ripple. Where Sunny Ripple’s background colouring is deep reds with black swirls running through, Gemwood’s background colouring is the deepest browns with subtle runs of the lighter, honeyed or russet browns. This is an impressive flooring product that produces amazing results. It is worthy of its price point.


  • Installation Type: Floating
  • Licensed Uniclic Flooring system
  • Bevelled edge plank on all four (4) sides
  • Prefinished 3 with three layers of Loba Supra Satin Polyurethane
  • Wear Layer: 3mm genuine cork top layer
  • Middle Layer: 7mm E1 Class High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
  • Integrated Insulating 1mm underlayment.
  • Plank Width: 7 11/16 inch
  • Plank Length: 36 inch
  • Plank Thickness: 11mm (7/16 inch)
  • Pieces per carton: 7
  • Carton coverage: 13.44 sqft
  • Carton size: 37inch x 8inch x 3.5inch
  • Carton weight: 22.40 lbs


  • Industry-leading UNICLIC® profile
  • Insulates against acoustical vibrations and thermal fluctuations
  • Warm and comfortable under foot
  • Reduces noise: keep noise from transmitting down through the floor, or up through the ceiling
  • Insulates the floor against noise
  • Suitable for use with approved radiant underfloor heating
  • Save money on heating and cooling bills
  • Keep out unwanted heat energy in the summer, keep it in the room in the winter
  • Resilient, low slip surface
  • Impact resistant
  • Excellent surface for seniors, children or people suffering from arthritis or joint pain
  • Naturally resistant to insects, mould, mildew due to anti-microbial prosperities
  • Ecologically friendly – completely natural, recurring, and replenishable material
  • Hypo-allergenic, repel dust, hair, and other small particles – healthy alternative to carpet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made with formaldehyde free adhesives
  • Stain resistant

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Weight 23.2
Dimensions 37 x 8 x 3.4 in


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