Why A Cork Floor Over Hardwood Floors

Tradition vs performance. When comparing cork floors and other natural hardwood floors, what it really comes down to is; a well-known traditional beauty against a floor that does more for your money. A beautiful floor is everyone’s dream. But a beautiful floor that can only look good is really just a waste of the time, effort and monetary investment you put in. Cold, unrelenting and difficult to walk comfortably upon, is not something you should have to put up with to have a nice-looking floor.

We at Forna Cork flooring, suggest you take a closer look at the natural wood-alternative to common hardwood flooring. Cork, yes, we really mean cork. It is a wood product, but it presents differently and, in many ways, out-performs its hardwood cousins.


The finish of hard wood flooring is known to give a great look to any room. Thus, hardwood-based wooden floors like oak, maple, pine and teak have always been a popular choice of flooring. But they fail in comfort and functionality. Hard wood floors are exactly that, hard wood. And though they may look beautiful and give you a solid surface to walk on, that’s about all they can do. With a cork floor you get a floor that can mimic the beauty of a variety of surfaces and out-preform a good number of them too.

sky white oak engineered hardwood flooring living room

Cork is a soft wood that is capable of staving off water or liquid invasion. Cork flooring is made of this. In fact, cork flooring is agglomerated cork, so most of cork’s natural abilities transfer over. A cork floor not only functions as a floor, but also as a thermal and sound insulator. As a soft wood, cork is also more comfortable to walk on. Its memory foam-like constitution is able to absorb and deflect impact shock, making it gentler to your body.

But that’s not all cork can do. A cork floor is hypoallergenic. It won’t promote the growth of mould or mildew. It’s also anti-static, so on a cork floor you have less of a chance of getting an electric shock. This is great for the office or TV room.

Still, these are not cork’s greatest accomplishment. Install a hardwood floor. How many trees were felled to provide the finished product? Install a cork floor and be fully assured that not one tree was sacrificed. Cork is derived only from the bark of the cork oak tree so each and every tree that provides the cork we use is still standing and going strong. Cork is an eco-friendly, simple, and sustainable/renewable resource.

sunset engineered hardwood flooring bedroom hotel cinnamon brown colour interior design
sunset engineered hardwood flooring bedroom hotel cinnamon brown colour interior design

In comparison to other hardwoods, cork is more cost-effective as well as it does multiple jobs. How much would it cost you to buy the floor, the thermal insulator, the sound insulator, and all the trimmings? With cork, you’ve shaved off a few of those items as it comes all inclusive.

As you can see, logically cork edges out traditional hardwood flooring as the smarter buy. Make cork flooring a part of your home for better performance, functionality and economic impact. It’s a healthier life choice for you and your family in the long run.