Floor Birch Cork Wood Flooring Floating Limited Stock 72 sq.ft (CAD1.99)



***Limited Stock 72 sq.ft (3 cartons + 3 damaged planks for free)***

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https://www.cancork.com/store/product-category/cork-wood-flooring/Birch flooring – Floor Birch Cork Wood Flooring Floating 20.26 sf
Birch flooring – Floor Birch Printed cork flooring (4ft long floating floor plank) is one of Forna’s Swiss Printed Cork products.  The printing process gives this birch flooring a narrow plank appearance.  The warmth of Birch comes shining through in the traditional, narrow plank presentation.  If you are attracted to warm, traditional floors then Floor Birch is an excellent product.  It is without the harsh amber oak tones or knotty presentation of the wide plank products on the market today.

Scandinavian Modern interiors are the inspiration for this floor.  Light, warm, comforting and overall a great wood look.  If you love the idea of cork, but cannot abide by the presentation, then printed cork floors are right up your alley.  Swiss manufacturing at it’s best, Forna’s Printed cork planks are of the highest quality material.  The direct-print method utilizes the more expensive way to apply a photograph to a cork floor – without the use of foils or paper.  The cork surface is primed (just like using white paint primer before painting a wall) before it is fed through a massive printing machine (image the biggest photocopier in the world).  The print is directly applied to the cork plank.  This eliminates the possibility of the finish delaminating from the plank.  The result is a realistic printed product utilizing the comfort of cork.
Floor Birch is a wood looking cork floating floor. The process for printed cork makes it the next evolutionary step in the cork flooring world.

Weight 34
Dimensions 48.5 x 12 x 3 in


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